How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 20 2007

'Paint the Sky With Stars' singer ENYA
'The Dram Shop' author ZOLA
200 milligrams CARAT
Abbr. on a key ESC
Artist John, known as the Cornish Wonder OPIE
Be a night watchman? STARGAZE
Be what you're not LIVEALIE
Big-league promotional event BATDAY
Black-and-white SQUADCAR
Botanist's beard AWN
Carving in an Egyptian tomb SCARAB
City on the Permian Basin ODESSA
Comic character WAG
Cornrow component PLAIT
Couple of pizzas? ZEES
Cousin of a hyena AARDWOLF
Drinks a toast SKOALS
Extend awkwardly SPLAY
Female role in 'Chicago' VELMA
Firm assistant, briefly PARA
First home of the University of Nevada ELKO
For some time AWHILE
From Niger to Zambia: Abbr. SSE
Generation-to-generation information LORE
Gustavo's good BUENOS
Hacker of the Middle Ages POLEAX
It's appetizing to aphids SAP
It's massive and relatively hot BSTAR
Jungian principle ANIMA
Kind of party TOGA
King Claudius, e.g. DANE
Like some fruit bats and petrels TUBENOSED
Loser in a casino SNAKEEYES
Malay Peninsula's Isthmus of ___ KRA
Manhattan ave. LEX
Match point? ARENA
Minor leader? URSA
Name on a truck RYDER
Opportunities to run away from home ATBATS
Otherworldly one MARTIAN
Period to find out more QANDA
Poet Seeger ALAN
Popular reference work WIKIPEDIA
Publicity INK
Relief may follow it BAS
Require OBLIGE
Revelation exclamation TADA
Royal jelly consumer LARVA
Rubberneck GAWK
Samoan, e.g. ISLANDER
Sparkle ELAN
Spent from all the conflict WARWEARY
Squeals TALKS
Start of a Spanish Christmas greeting FELIZ
Sudden impact JOLT
Suffix with proto- ZOA
They're back on board REHIRES
Top of a stadium JERSEY
Tough companions? MOLLS
Unproductive BARREN
Unwelcome discovery on a credit card statement LATEFEE
Vacuum maintainers SEALS
Weed-B-Gon maker ORTHO
What ochlophobists fear CROWDS
Where cell phones don't work DEADSPOT
Work unit: Abbr. FTLB
___ Waitz, nine-time New York City Marathon winner GRETE
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