How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 18 1999

'A Tidewater Morning' author STYRON
'So that's it!' AHA
'The Maids' playwright GENET
'The Postman Always Rings Twice' wife CORA
1990's dance craze MACARENA
Added to the database KEDIN
Allowed LICIT
Amahl's visitors MAGI
Append TAGON
Aries or Taurus AUTO
Arises STEMS
Arrive angrily and abruptly STORMIN
Assassinated Swedish P.M. PALME
Asteroid discovered in 1898 EROS
Astringent substance ALUM
Au courant ABREAST
Battery type AAA
Best boy's colleague KGRIP
Bridge supports IBARS
Burns's birthplace AYR
Byron poem LARA
Cherry type BING
Computerniks push it ENTERK
Contest hopefuls ENTRANTS
Crooks' patterns, to cops MOS
Dan Beard's org. BSA
Directional suffix ERN
Draft org. SSS
Draft org.? NBA
Dwindles RECEDES
Easy wins ROMPS
Emanations AURAS.
Eric Dickerson's alma mater, for short SMU
Essential company figure KMAN
Evelyn who played Scarlett's sister KES
Excites KSUP
Exodus commemorations SEDERS
First name in erotica ANAIS
First name in espionage MATA
First name in TV talk REGIS
Florida fruit ORANGE
Florida fruit KLIMES
Forest clearing GLADE
Gentry ELITE
George ___ III
German wine valley MOSEL
Greece, to the Greeks ELLAS
Hingis rival SELES
Hit actor of 60's TV NABORS
Hodgepodges OLIOS
Home of the Black Bears ORONO
House detective's item PASSK
Hydrocarbon suffix ANE
Iceberg's location SALAD
In tune ONK
Individually ALACARTE
It may be due EAST
It's shown to the usher STUB
Jean or Jacques NOM
Julian calendar date IDES
Kaffiyeh wearers ARABS
Latin trio member AMAS
Like a combination lock KLESS
Like rich desserts CALORIC
Like some rewards MONETARY
Lost momentum POOPEDOUT
Lush SOT
Lyricist Carole Bayer ___ SAGER
M.P.G. determiners EPA
Macho military type RAMBO
Make the rounds? GOLF
Mathew Brady shade SEPIA
Means of ID DNA
Melville novel OMOO
Mountaineers' wear PARKAS
Neighbor of Silver Springs OCALA
Noted heart surgeon DEBAK
O'Neill masterwork, for short ICEMAN
Officer of the Ottoman Empire AGA
One of the 'three faces of Eve' ALTEREGO
Opera featuring the 'Prisoners' Chorus' FIDELIO
Painter Veronese PAOLO
Part of a pump HEEL
Part of E. I. du Pont IRENEE
Party dance of old HOKPOK
Pea-___ (dense fogs) SOUPERS
Poet Levertov DENISE
Prefix with friendly ECO
Private sector? HAREM
Project JUT
Purse items KCASES
Rajah's spouse RANI
Request from an ed. SASE
Restrained mood MINORK
Ringo's original surname STARK
Rodeo item LARIAT
Scratch CLAW
Semiotics study SYMBOLS
Set foot (on) TROD
Ship's log entry SSE
Singer Jackson BROWNE
Soccer score, perhaps ONEONE
Some addresses KNOTES
Sound of impact THUD
Spooks SPIES
Spread PATE
Still serving ACTIVE
String of pikake flowers LEI
Suffix with 24-Across ADE
Test group? MENSA
Thanksgiving aftermath TURKSOUP
The Jets or the Sharks HOCKTEAM
The O'Haras' home TARA
The Red and the Black SEAS
They get their kicks TIRES
They'll bray for you DONKS
They'll knock you out MICKS
Three-ply snack OREO
Tipped off ALERTED
Treasury of sorts ANTHOLOGY
Turgenev heroine ELENA
Utah's ___ Mountains UINTA
Variation of the samba CARIOCA
Vehicle for Blanche DuBois STREETCAR
Vote in the Senate YEA
What CBers watch for SMOKBEARS
What solar flares are measured in ERGS
Where Hemingway wrote 'A Farewell to Arms' KWEST
Word with chop or sweat SHOP
Yves St. Laurent fragrance OPIUM
___ 'Le Morte d'Arthur' MALORYS
___ de Castro (storied noblewoman) INES
___ loop (skater's jump) TOE
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