How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 18 1997

'Get ___!' ONIT
'School Daze' director LEE
'___ of Solomon' ODES
'___ were you...' IFI
'___-daisy!' UPSA
90's catch phrase SAFESEX
Agatha contemporary ERLE
Appropriate cry for Crusoe? TGIF
Beat severely CANE
Beijing coin YUAN
Big book FOLIO
Big brute LUG
Biological classes TAXA
Brest friend AMI
Brings up the rear LAGS
Bronte heroine EYRE
Cancel ANNUL
Chopin pieces POLONAISES.
Christmas crackler YULELOG
Cliffside dwellers EAGLETS
Descriptive words of honor THELATELAMENTED
Discharged EGESTED
Elizabeth's love ESSEX
Fabled 'Arabian Nights' creature ROC
Flip side? TAILS
Gained a lap SAT
Grp. in old spy novels OSS
H.S. class ENG
Has trouble running MISGOVERNS
Help wanted advertisement? SOS
Hogwash SLOP
Hot stuff TAMALES
Hydrocarbon suffix ENE
Ice, so to speak OFF
Ill humors SPLEENS
Isolated hill BUTTE
It can take your breath away AEROBICEXERCISE
Italy's Gulf of ___ TRIESTE
Kind of chamber ECHO
Kind of part BIT
Local theater, slangily NABE
Looks out for, maybe ABETS
Magazine ARSENAL
Medical prefix OSTEO
Moral element in literature ETHOS
Old news commentator ___ Abel ELIE
On the nasty side NOTNICE
One billion years, in geology EON
Part of the crown jewels TIARA
Physiognomy FACE
Poker ploy RAISING
Popular cologne TABU
Robotic: Var. PROGRAMED
Rocket scientist Wernher ___ Braun VON
School tie? PTA
Scrooge's attribute STINGINESS
Secreting securely ENSCONCING
Skedaddled FLED
Soak SOT
Some fraternity men NUS
Taunt GIBE
Things to sit on EGGS
Trunk items TIREIRONS
U.S.N.A. rank CPO
Where the Storting meets OSLO
___-majeste LESE
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