How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 16 2005

'All right already!' OKOK
'And the ___ brought him bread and flesh in the morning …': I Kings RAVENS
'___ Newt' (Cartoon Network series) NEDS
Advanced missile feature HEATSENSOR
African capital of 11 million CAIRO
Basic chemistry subject ACIDITY
Be wholeheartedly aggressive TAKENOPRISONERS
Botanical coat ARIL
Certain slip-on, briefly MOC
Chicago suburb ELGIN
Circuit LAP
Communications giant VERIZON
Concession, of a sort THATSAGOODPOINT
Count, e.g. PEER
Courtroom response IDO
Dictionary features USAGENOTES
Distinctive attribute EARMARK
Duma demurral NYET
Duty-free? ONLEAVE
Eccentric guys, slangily GINKS
Filament's organ STAMEN
Finished negotiations MADEADEAL
Habitually, for short OFT
Hungarian composer Kálmán IMRE
Hungarian wine TOKAY
Ideal ending IST
Internet service providers MODEMS
It may be written 'on' something ODE
John whose middle name is Hercules ELTON
Jokhang Temple locale LHASA
Kind of shell TACO
Label in Saks and Bloomies DKNY
Lambaste SLAM
Language study topic TENSE
Like show horses SHOD
Like some scientists MAD
Lofty verse EPOPEE
Manhattan neighborhood NOHO
Not native ALIEN
Not only that but also NAY
Ocean killer ORCA
Old World bunting esteemed as a delicacy ORTOLAN
Part of a Spanish 101 conjugation ESTAS
People people?: Abbr. EDS
Pinch-hit STOODIN
Pop alternative ICETEA
Prefers, with 'for' OPTS
Prominent name in South Korean history RHEE
Rooftop sights VANES
Saloon stock RYES
Salt constituents IONS
School drills, say ROTE
St. Paul, for one ROMAN
Subject to forceful removal TEAROUT
Subsequently LATERON
Timetable locale: Abbr. STN
Vote for YEA
Waiting one's turn INQUEUE
What an ad's 800 number might provide MOREINFO
Without a yoke UNTEAMED
Without slipping SURELY
Word in a record's description MOST
Yielding a parabola, in a way QUADRATIC
Yields, perhaps SAYSYES
Zulu leader? ZEE
___ Ríos (Paraná's province) ENTRE
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