How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 14 2005

'A Beautiful Mind' star, 2001 CROWE
'Alphabetic' girl's name CECE
'Don't I know you from somewhere?,' e.g. LINE
'How 'bout them ___?' (classic conversation segue) METS
'My bad!' OOPS
'Phooey!' BAH
'Seinfeld' uncle LEO
'Shoot!' DARN
'The Time Machine' people ELOI
1993 Aerosmith hit with the lyric 'Love is sweet misery' CRYIN
2001 hit movie musical MOULINROUGE
56, say COOL
A billionaire might live in it OPULENCE
Amount from a tube DAB
Architect Saarinen EERO
Ballet bend PLIE
Battle of ___ EGOS
Bizet priestess LEILA
Brahman, e.g. HINDU
Certain hammers BALLPEENS
Chemist's salt NACL
Completely fix REDO
Delicate subject AGE
Field measure ACRE
Food with gravy ALPO
Graybeard ELDER
Kidney-related RENAL
King Fahd ___ Abdul Aziz IBN
Knowing, slangily UPON
Leslie Caron musical LILI
Like many a clothes basket OVAL
Longtime NBC sitcom star MATTLEBLANC
Maintain AVOW
Manager's boss OWNER
Mixes up ADDLES
Monopoly token IRON
Monteverdi opera character ORFEO
Mother of Apollo LETO
Moving, after 'on' THEGO
National symbol hinted at by the ends of 3-, 25- and 9-Down (in order) FRENCHFLAG
One side of a debate ANTI
Pat on the buns? OLEO
Personal guide CREDO
Pretax amount SUBTOTAL
Prudential competitor AETNA
Puerto Rico y Mallorca ISLAS
Put on LADE
Riviera, e.g. BUICK
Shooting pain NEURALGIA
Show defiance REARUP
Show signs of a cold SNIFFLE
Sleeping place CRIB
Sporting gear with bell guards EPEES
Spots before the eyes? ACNE
Stuffed with ham and cheese and then sautéed CORDONBLEU
Successor org. to the U.S.S.R. CIS
Susan on the small screen LUCCI
Teatro ___ Scala ALLA
Thick-___ SKULLED
Transcript fig. GPA
Turn of the page? DOGEAR
U.Va. or M.I.T. SCH
Utah city OREM
Volatile solvent ACETAL
Waggish WITTY
Wing, in a way MAIM
Word to a pest SCRAM
Word with slip or slide KNOT
Work like Rembrandt, at times ETCH
Writer Rand AYN
___ speed WARP
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