How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 13 2014

'Alea iacta ___' ('The die is cast') EST
'All ___' RISE
'Did gyre and gimble in the ___': 'Jabberwocky' WABE
'Gross!' EEW
'My, my!' OHDEAR
'Summer Nights' musical GREASE
'Tender Is the Night' locale, with 'the' RIVIERA
'We will tolerate this no more!' ENOUGHISENOUGH
'When You're Good to ___' ('Chicago' song) MAMA
'___ Baby Are You?' (1920 show tune) WHOSE
'___ questions?' ANY
1968 live folk album ARLO
Aside, e.g REMARK
Atypical RARE
Austin Powers, e.g SPY
Barely beat NIP
Baseball stat AVG
Bearing in mind NOTING
Beguile AMUSE
Bit of trip planning: Abbr RTE
Bit of wisdom NUGGET
Bobby on the ice ORR
Bonding molecule LIGAND
Bonkers MENTAL
Card game with a 'Chairman' MAO
Carrier to Tokyo ANA
Cell part ANODE
Certain ruminant ELK
Certain wardrobe malfunction RIP
Chance, poetically HAP
Chicken ___ diable ALA
Classic excuse for some misdemeanors BOYSWILLBEBOYS
Clear sky ETHER
Colorful, pebble-like candies NERDS
Corn chip since 1966 BUGLE
Covers with goo SLIMES
Debt note IOU
Declaration from Popeye IYAMWHATIYAM
Degree of disorder in a system ENTROPY
Determines the concentration of a dissolved substance TITRATES
District in Rome TREVI
Doubt-dispelling words from Lady Macbeth WHATSDONEISDONE
Emmy-winning drama four years in a row, with 'The' WESTWING
Encyclopedic VAST
Ending for how or who, for Shakespeare EER
Expression of resignation ITISWHATITIS
Falafel holder PITA
Fantasy title character whose name is one letter different from the creature he rides ERAGON
Fighting group CADRE
Filler of la mer EAU
Follower of lop SIDED
Follower of lop EARED
Food often with pentagonal cross sections OKRA
Former employer for Vladimir Putin, for short KGB
Formerly, once ERST
Frequent features of John Constable landscapes ELMS
Hard water ICE
Hardly highbrow reading RAG
Heavy work TOME
Holy ___ TERROR
Howl BAY
Intimidating words ORELSE
Juin preceder MAI
Kind of ticket LOTTO
Least plausible LAMEST
Letters of certification? USDA
Like some measures CUBIC
Like yesterday RECENT
Makes loop-the-loops? SEWS
Many a drive-thru installation ATM
Match game? SLOTS
Material blocked by parental controls SMUT
Memphis-to-Nashville dir ENE
Mercury or Earth ORB
Mercury, but not Earth GOD
Mess up TOUSLE
Mideast legislature KNESSET
Movement ISM
Mutt's mutter? ARF
Ocho - dos SEIS
One summing things up ADDER
One that's a bore? WEEVIL
Ones that warn before they attack RATTLERS
Opposite of wind up UNREEL
Pop stars? NOVAS
Prefix with -graphic IDEO
Property areas ACRES
Pushed back DELAYED
Pushes aside SHUNTS
Rapper ___ Rida FLO
Record stat RPM
Refusals NOS
Rocker Bob SEGER
Roth ___ IRA
Scientific truth LAW
Send in troops, say STARTAWAR
Send, in a way WIRE
Sheldon's apartment-mate on 'The Big Bang Theory' LEONARD
Small power sources AAAS
Smugglers' worries RAIDS
Some memory triggers AROMAS
Some wrestlers SUMOS
Source of great profit GOLDMINE
Spanish 'that' ESA
Spectrum GAMUT
Stereotypical beatnik accessory BERET
Strike a chord RESONATE
Sunny room SOLARIUM
Sushi topper, maybe ROE
Take it easy VEG
Take up again, as a case REHEAR
Takes a turn SWIVELS
Team V.I.P MVP
They may come with covenants ARKS
Top choice BLOUSE
Traditional Gaelic singer LILTER
Understood GOT
Urge to attack SETON
Went back over RETROD
What you might be in France? TOI
Where prints may be picked up ARTSALE
Whirlpool product DRYER
Words dismissive of detractors HATERSGONNAHATE
Work for a folder ORIGAMI
Workman's aid VAN
World's largest particle physics lab, in Switzerland CERN
Yearbook sect SRS
___ Anne's (popular pretzel purveyor) AUNTIE
___ mortal MERE
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