How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 13 1997

'...and last in the American League' team SENATORS
'As You Like It' servant ADAM
'Come Back, Little Sheba' wife LOLA
'Enough!' IGIVE
'Jurassic Park' mosquito preserver RESIN
'Look at me, ___...' IMAS
'Superman ___' III
50's-60's 'What's My Line?' panelist ARLENE
60's campus grp. SDS
A bobby pin may hold it PINCURL
A great dist. LTYR
Acting Day LARAINE
Acting Day LARAINE.
Alaska air base SEWARD
Allan-___ ADALE
Associated TIEDIN
Attorney-to-be's exams LSATS
Automobile sticker fig. MPG
Bad-mouth DIS
Bank sitters ANGLERS
Baseball's Dykstra LEN
Before, once ERE
Beginning of a tape LEADER
Big goon GALOOT
Bird whose male hatches the eggs KIWI
Book before Nahum MICAH
Bulldog ELI
Camera since 1924 LEICA
Carmichael classic STARDUST
Columbia, S.C., newspaper's security department? STATEPOLICE
Come-on at a Lakeland newspaper? LEDGERLINE
Companion COHORT
Concert memento STUB
Conductor Toscanini ARTURO
Correspondence to the editor of an Allentown newspaper? CALLLETTERS
Crackers INSANE
Cutaneous DERMAL
Cutting down AXING
Descartes conclusion IAM
Dish alternative, maybe CABLE
Do some roadwork RETAR
Drink with 87-Across MAITAI
Eddie Rickenbacker's 94th ___ Squadron AERO
End of a Burns title SYNE
Fife player KNOTTS
Garden, in a way HOE
Gets via computer ACCESSES
Gong in an orchestra set TAMTAM
Grammy-winning single of 1958 VOLARE
Great Fire of London diarist PEPYS
Groundskeeper's bagful at an Atlantic City newspaper? PRESSCLIPPINGS
Handsome, as Henri BEL
Harper, for one VALERIE
Hired hands at Microsoft CODERS
Horse owned by a Boston newspaper? GLOBETROTTER
Humidor item HAVANA
Hungary was a member of it AXIS
Hwy. RTE
Hybrid cats LIGERS
I.Q. recordholder Marilyn ___ Savant VOS
In base 8 OCTAL
In the know about HEPTO
In unison ASONE
Ingredient in a 72-Across CURACAO
Inter ___ ALIA
Jack-in-the-box part LID
Kind of law LEASH
Library ref. OED
Like a clover leaf TERNATE
Like a mule STERILE
Like Chippendale furniture ROCOCO
Like some shoes RESOLED
Likeness: Prefix ICONO
Loudness measure SONE
Madonna's 'La ___ Bonita' ISLA
Malcontent REBEL
Mars, to Aries, in astrology RULER
Misrepresent BELIE
Mouthing off more SASSIER
Muff ERR
Musician who co-starred in 'Trespass' ICET
Name dropper? OMITTER
Named before SAID
Nobel physicist Becquerel ANTOINE
Obviously sleep-deprived REDEYED
Off, so to speak SLAY
Oregon ___ FIR
Part of an old Greek fleet TRIREME
Pelvic bones SACRA
Permanent-magnet alloy ALNICO
Playboy Khan ALY
Popular theater name ROXY
Prefix with 1-Across EPI
Prepare to get juice PLUGIN
Pupil's reward GOLDSTAR
Rather awkward MESSY
Recruiter at a Wichita newspaper? EAGLESCOUT
Rock group that sang 'Let's Go' THECARS
Roman historian LIVY
Roy Rogers's real surname SLYE
Run out EXPIRE
Say it ain't so DENY
Seize again REGRAB
Sharon, for one ISRAELI
Shell shot at a Harrisburg newspaper? PATRIOTMISSILE
Shipping dept. stamp RECD
Skip, as a stone on water DAP
Snake oil, purportedly CURE
Some B'way shows SROS
Some insurance fraud ARSON
Some picture frames OVALS
Splendid REGAL
Sponsorship EGIS
Stage setups, for short PAS
Start of a string of 13 Popes LEOI
Start of some Italian church names SANT
Start to function? MAL
Subject of a psych. experiment ESP
Suffix with sect ARIAN
Sweet wine MUSCATEL
Take over, in a way ANNEX
Tempter WOOER
They're full of beans EATERIES
Thunderstruck INAWE
Tutsi foe HUTU
Used rubber RETREAD
Vane dir. SSW
Way into the bathroom at a Macon newspaper? TELEGRAPHKEY
Where 'Falstaff' premiered, 1893 MILAN
Yeshiva product RABBI
___ bind INA
___ facto IPSO
___ squares (statistical method) LEAST
___ Tay, Scotland LOCH
___-a-brac BRIC
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