How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 11 2004

'Blondie' dog and others DAISYS
'Everything's under control' IMONIT
'On the house' NOCHARGE
'___ hooks' (crate sign) USENO
'___ well' ALLS
1.85 kilometers/hour KNOT
2001 Economics Nobelist Michael ___ SPENCE
2001 film for which Jim Broadbent was named Best Supporting Actor IRIS
Adoption agcy.? ASPCA
Auto introduced in 1928 MODELA
Battery brand DELCO
Big rubber exporter MALAYSIA
Buckeye sch. OSU
Certain Sooner TULSAN
Closely monitored hosp. areas ICUS
Cold-blooded ones IGUANAS
College units CREDITS
Cookie holders TINS
Cuban patriot José MARTI
Dallas five MAVS
Deadbeat LOAFER
Deceive GULL
Do some restaurant work BUS
Dramatic procession CAVALCADE
Dust picker-upper DAMPMOP
Euclidean subj. GEOM
Farm work REAPING
Fathers and grandfathers MEN
Fencing move LUNGE
French schools LYCEES
Gets the mood of READS
Go on a lucky streak GETHOT
Goes ahead MOVESON
Growing old SENESCENT
Gymnastics coach Karolyi BELA
Have an accident with a vacuum and a household pet? SUCKINACAT
He has manors LORD
Hogan dweller NAVAHO
Holes in the head NARES
Home of the Alhambra SPAIN
How Desi kept track of his daughter? LUCIEDETECTOR
I do's, e.g. VOWS
IBM competitor NEC
Impertinent relation? SAUCYUNCLE
Important, in a way REDLETTER
In bounds GOOD
In perfect condition MINT
It's in a blind SLAT
It's in the winter air NIP
It's licked on a stick POPSICLE
Its last mission was #17 APOLLO
Kidded around JESTED
Kyoto treaty subj. ECOL
Lacy frills PICOTS
Large pipes MAINS
Like some biology majors PREMED
Long time DOGSAGE
Loughlin of 'Full House' LORI
Mad ones are bad COWS
Makes sacrifices on behalf of a telecommunications company? GIVESUPFORLUCENT
Malign the labor movement? TRADUCEUNIONS
Monopoly purchases HOTELS
More highfalutin SNOOTIER
Most likely to stop at a mirror VAINEST
News subjects EVENTS
Off one's game INASLUMP
One of Alcott's 'Little Men' DAN
One ___ (kids' game) OCAT
Ones doing art finishing SHADERS
Pac 10 gossip column? UCLACONFIDENTIAL
Part of a racetrack LANE
Partner of Evans in journalism NOVAK
Place for rings CIRCUS
Plastic for beer bottles? MILLERLUCITE
Popular insecticide DCON
Prefix with plasm ECTO
Property seller ALIENOR
Psychologist Piaget JEAN
Pulitzer Prize dramatist Tad MOSEL
Puts down, in brief KOS
Relative of a Winnebago OTOE
Relish GUSTO
Repaired, as roads TARRED
Response to an awful pun made by actress York? OUCHSUSANNAH
Result of a certain sacrifice, for short RBI
Reward, as a dog PAT
Risked a fine SPEEDED
Rock musician Brian ENO
Sailboat poles SPRITS
Secret store STASH
See 44-Across HULK
Semisweet sherry OLOROSO
Serving from a garçon SALADE
Severe form, as of an illness BADCASE
Shooter Adams ANSEL
Slightly sour ACIDULOUS
Smallville family KENTS
Soft stuff TALC
Some Xing crossers RRS
Spotted insect IOMOTH
Subj. that's for the birds ORNITH
Submitted HANDEDIN
Summons from the boss SEEME
Talked up LAUDED
Taper, for short VCR
Tennis champion Roddick ANDY
The 'g' in e.g. GRATIA
U.S.N. clerk: Abbr. YEO
University associated with the Carter Center EMORY
Untamed FERAL
Used as sustenance LIVEDON
Verb with thou HAST
W.W. II nickname DUCE
Weapon handle HILT
Wee ___ (small fry) UNS
West ender? ERN
What goes around LOOP
Where to get down EIDER
With 43-Across, comic book superhero THE
Working on commission INSALES
Young and Simon NEILS
___ Field, where the Rockies play COORS
___ Gay (W.W. II plane) ENOLA
___ Hari MATA
___ platter PUPU
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