How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 10 2012

'And ___ story goes' SOTHE
'Explorer' girl DORA
'Green Acres' con man Mr. ___ HANEY
'Indeed' ITIS
'Sexy' lady in a Beatles song SADIE
'Uncle ___ Cabin' TOMS
1985 Glenn Close title role MAXIE
Author Zora ___ Hurston NEALE
Basic tenet of democracy RIGHTTOVOTE
Bit of tomfoolery ANTIC
Broke from the band, say WENTSOLO
Certain netizen AOLER
Coward in a 1939 film LION
Daffy duo? EFS
Dirección that the Santa Maria sailed OESTE
Electronic data repositories FILESERVERS
Eyelid affliction STYE
Fess up (to) ADMIT
First name in patriotism and furniture ETHAN
Food and shelter, e.g NEEDS
Geog. high points MTS
Grasshopper's partner in an Aesop title ANT
Greek P RHO
Halloween figure GHOUL
Kind of school MED
Mazatlán Mrs SRA
Michael of 'Arrested Development' CERA
Most tacky CHEESIEST
Move, as a plant REPOT
Old dagger SNEE
Ownership histories PROVENANCES
Parseghian of Notre Dame ARA
Play-stopping declaration GIN
Pound's sounds ARFS
Procter & Gamble skin care brand OLAY
Puts teeth on, as a knife SERRATES
Razor introduced in 1977 ATRA
Riga native LETT
Rockefeller Center statue ATLAS
Scholarly org INST
School in the making? ROE
See 11-Down GREET
See 2-Down THERE
See 25-Down TAXES
See 28-Down DIP
See 31-Down WATER
See 48-Down BOARD
See 51-Down FAR
See 54-Down LOOSE
See 7-Down KIN
Selections on Expedia.com TRAVELDATES
Sets a new goal RETARGETS
Skips over, as with a mouse SCROLLSBY
Slimming surgery, slangily LIPO
Strike out FAN
Surfboard fin SKEG
Throat-clearing AHEM
Tint HUE
Unearthed pottery fragment: Var SHERD
UV blocker PABA
Wine: Prefix OENO
Winehouse and Sedaris AMYS
Word with jump or bunny SKI
Yorke of rock's Radiohead THOM
___ and 13-Across (on the spot) THEN
___ and 14-Across (family) KITH
___ and 15-Across (get-to-know-you gathering) MEET
___ and 36-Across (two of life's certainties) DEATH
___ and 37-Across (snack option) CHIPS
___ and 38-Across (meager meal) BREAD
___ and 59-Across (lodger's fee) ROOM
___ and 60-Across (all around) NEAR
___ and 61-Across (one way to play) FAST
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