How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 05 2004

'Then what ...?' AND
Accumulate AMASS
Act of God MIRACLE
AM/FM device RADIO
Annoy VEX
Astronaut Armstrong NEIL
At the ocean's bottom, as a ship SUNK
Attractive ENGAGING
Bad, as a prognosis GRIM
Battle exhortations WARCRIES
Beard named for a Flemish artist VANDYKE
Big shoe request ELEVENEEE
Binds, as wounds TAPESUP
Bullring call OLE
Button material BRASS
Charley horse, e.g. SPASM
Customs MORES
Debtor's note IOU
Do agricultural work FARM
Dockworker's org. ILA
Driver entitled to free maps, perhaps AAAMEMBER
English king during the American Revolution GEORGEIII
Extend a subscription RENEW
Feed, as a fire STOKE
Floor application WAX
Follow ENSUE
Followers of the Vatican PAPISTS
Forgives EXCUSES
Genetic letters RNA
Gets the soap off RINSES
Grp. battling consumer fraud BBB
Handy ___ (good repairmen) ANDYS
Help in crime ABET
Horrid glances from Charles Grodin? ANAGRAM
Horse color ROAN
Hub projections RADII
Hypothesize OPINE
Imitating APING
Inconsistent ERRATIC
It's kept in a pen INK
Jazz's Fitzgerald ELLA
Kemo ___ (the Lone Ranger) SABE
Kevin of 'A Fish Called Wanda' KLINE
Leave in, to a proofreader STET
Lumberjack's tool AXE
Metal filers RASPS
Mold's origin SPORE
Mount where an ark parked ARARAT
Nova ___ SCOTIA
Olympic sleds LUGES
Part of a grandfather clock PENDULUM
Porn classification XXXRATING
Postponed ONICE
Pre-euro German money MARKS
Pres. Lincoln ABE
Rainbow's shape ARC
Refine, as metal SMELT
Secondary, as an outlet: Abbr. AUX
Side squared, for a square AREA
Sign-making aids STENCILS
Something not really on Mars CANAL
Sprinted RAN
Stand up ARISE
Violinist Leopold AUER
Wades (through) SLOGS
Wealthy sort, slangily FATCAT
What a surfer rides WAVE
When added up INALL
Witch of ___ ENDOR
Writer Fleming IAN
___ Ben Canaan of 'Exodus' ARI
___ cum laude MAGNA
___-one (long odds) TENTO
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