How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 03 2012

'Baa-a-ad' mothers? EWES
'Shall we?' reply LETS
'Sometimes you feel like ___ ...' ANUT
1099 info INCOME
Alaskan gold rush city NOME
Animated 'Explorer' DORA
Bring back, as workers who've been let go REHIRE
Burning AFIRE
Carnival site RIO
Check for fit TRYON
Cheer to an interstate trucker? GOTEAMSTER
Commotions ADOS
Couple in a gossip column ITEM
Creaks and squeaks NOISES
Cybercriminal's creation SPYWARE
Darling of baseball RON
Davis of 'Thelma & Louise' GEENA
Edmonton player OILER
Estate, in español HACIENDA
Facts and figures DATA
Father's assistant ALTARBOY
Figure in a Rimsky-Korsakov opera TSAR
Galileo, to some HERETIC
Get together MEET
Golfer's vehicle CART
Hair accessory CLIP
Harvest REAP
Hockey player Bobby ORR
Humdrum DRAB
Id companion EGO
In medias ___ RES
Italian fashion house FENDI
Jewel box contents CDS
Kind of play ONEACT
Kind of sax TENOR
Like a teetotaler SOBER
Macbeth's title THANE
Mail deliverers at Hogwarts OWLS
Make an entrance ARRIVE
Mare hair MANE
Neighbor of Vietnam LAOS
Newsman Anderson with a theology degree? MINISTERCOOPER
Noah's Ark landing site ARARAT
One way to serve coffee ICED
One who peruses the dictionary? WEBSTERBROWSER
One who's very good at rocking the cradle? YOYOMASTER
Photo ___ OPS
Places for experiments LABS
Princeton Review coursework PREP
Razor brand ATRA
Requiring immediate action URGENT
Retro style DECO
Sadat of Egypt ANWAR
Scrutinize, with 'over' PORE
Semiformal jacket BLAZER
Ship's goods CARGO
Singer Guthrie ARLO
SoHo patroller: Abbr NYPD
Some school play attendees DADS
Still CALM
Thespian's major DRAMA
Title of a Beatles song, album and movie LETITBE
Tokyo, once EDO
Toto, for one DOG
Tureen accessories LADLES
U-turn from NNE SSW
Wildflower locale MEADOW
Word before 'Liftoff!' ONE
Word repeated in both James Bond and Justin Bieber film titles NEVER
Woven wall art TAPESTRY
___ cuisine LEAN
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