How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 01 1998

'Hey, Mac!' PSST
'Hurry up and ___' WAIT
'Peanuts,' e.g. COMIC
70's-80's despot IDIAMIN
African tribesman BANTU
Annie ___, Enoch Arden's wife LEE
Author ___ S. Connell EVAN
Bank take-back REPO
Bench-press iterations REPS
Brit. lexicon OED
Busybody SNOOP
Champagnes do this SPARKLE
Cheat, in a way COPY
City on the Yangtze NANKING
Cleo's undoing ASP
Conductor Zubin MEHTA
Conscription org. SSS
Construction wood PINE
Cool treat SUNDAE
Dancer Shawn TED
Diminished by LESS
Dress cut ALINE
Ed.'s request SASE
Erie lighthouse locale? PENNPOINT
Erstwhile ONCE
Explode ERUPT
Fits of anger SNITS.
Goes phhht! DIES
Goon APE
Group whose work is picking up POSSE
Hersey locale ADANO
Home of Iowa State AMES
Horace's '___ Poetica' ARS
Importune URGE
In the thick of AMID
Irascible EDGY
Israel ___ (Irving Berlin, originally) BALINE
Jonesboro metal worker? ARKWELDER
Leftist label: Abbr. SOC
Like W. C. Fields's voice RASPY
List recipient SANTA.
M.I.T. grads ENGS
Mystic painter? CONNARTIST
Nautical pole SPAR
None too brainy DENSE
Oak Ridge highway posting? TENNSPEED
One on the go DOER
Package letters COD
Peppy SPRY
Photog's request SMILE
Piano school assignments ETUDES
Positive reply to an invitation LETS
Prefix with -gon OCTA
Quick with the comebacks WITTY
Ready-made PREFAB
Rest room sign GENTS
Ritzy homes ESTATES
Sahara rarity RAIN.
Sgt., for one NCO
Shrank (from) SHIED
Stella D'___ (cookie name) ORO
The 'E.' in A.E.S. EWING
Tic-tac-toe win OOO
To boot ALSO
Unpleasant, as weather NASTY
Unspecified number SEVERAL
Vacation destination, with 'the' SHORE
Vicks VapoRub ingredient MENTHOL
Vicksburg lithographs? MISSPRINTS
Water-skier's apparatus RAMP
When doubled, a Thor Heyerdahl title AKU
Whole bunch TON
Without compensation PROBONO
Word with city or circle INNER
Yodeler's perch ALP
___ Annie, of 'Oklahoma!' ADO
___-de-lance FER
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