How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 24 1999

'Darn ___!' ITALL
'Emerald Point ___' of 80's TV NAS
'My ___!' HERO
'Peace be with you' and others BYWORDS
'Phooey!' RATS
'Popeye' creator SEGAR
'The Entry of Christ into Brussels' artist ENSOR
'Who can that be?' response GOSEE
'___ a borrower...' NEITHER
1960 dance biography ISADORA
1970's policy DETENTE
70's-80's Mercury CAPRI
Actress Bergman INGRID
Actress Lombard CAROLE
Actress Papas and others IRENES
All eyes ENRAPT
Alluring EROTIC
Apodes member EEL
Arrowsmith's wife LEORA
Atmospheric beginning AER
Attacks SETSAT
Authorize EMPOWER
Bit of embroidery CROSSSTITCH
Blab YAK
Blew a gasket WENTAPE
Blind as ___ ABAT
Bob Cousy's alma mater HOLYCROSS
Bordeaux output CLARET
Brit. honor OBE
Castro calls it home CASA
Cedric ___ of 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' ERROL
Certain corner square TRIPLEWORDSCORE
Cole Porter title city PAREE
Collectible illustrator ERTE
Comics canine OTTO
Communications satellites RELAYS
Court material LAWN
Cousin of 'hmmm!' GEE
Cousin of a raccoon COATI
Cronies CHUMS
Daredevil RISKER
Do further archeological work REDIG
Dr. of rap DRE
Einstein, e.g. EMIGRE
Enzyme suffix ASE
Ethical Culture Society founder Felix ADLER
Family members MAS
Feudal lord LIEGE
First name in horror LON
Forest female DOE
Garment workers PIECERS
Gossipy Barrett RONA
Gulf port ADEN
Gut feeling? ULCER
Harrah's locale RENO
High provider REEFER
Holdover RELIC
Hoodwink SNARE
Horsefeathers ROT
Hospital work CARE
Hydrox competitor OREO
It comes in black and white TUX
It's a wrap OBI
Italian cabbage LIRE
Jalopies CRATES
Jockey who won 17 Triple Crown races ARCARO
Jumble HASH
Kidney enzyme RENIN
Least suave CRUDEST
Lenten treat HOTCROSSBUN
Like some pieces REESES
Literary contraction EER
Makeshift punishment device RULER
Mil. pilot's award DFC
Military danger CROSSFIRE
More awesome SCARIER
Nabors role PYLE
Native village, in South Africa STAD
Nickname for a good kisser HOTLIPS
Not speak seriously PLAYWORDGAMES
Noted 60's radical SEALE
Notorious 30's-40's criminal LUCIANO
Oral traditions LORES
Part of a Shriner's attire REDHAT
Partner-in-crime ABETTOR
Photo ___ LAB
Proceed on one leg HOP
Put one past? ACED
Quickly, mailwise BYAIR
Radar sighting BLIP
Range order RELOAD
Retro car BEETLE
Réunion and others ILES
Rhein port KOLN
Ring locale EARLOBE
Roller WHEEL
Roof, in a way SHINGLE
Rugby formations SCRUMS
Rumble ROAR
Salinger orphan ESME
Santa ___ ROSA
Sense-ability SMELL
Shrinking sea ARAL
Sites for dates OASES
Sounds from the masseur's room AAHS
Standard axes XANDY
Staple Le Carré feature DOUBLECROSS
Stock holder? SAFE
Stopping points INNS
Subject of strike talks OFFER
T.G.I.F. party request BYOB
Tanker OILER
Targets appear on them HITLISTS
Teens, e.g. MINORS
The 'H' in Hanukkah HETH
Those caballeros ESOS
Took the title WON
Tree that sprouts roots from its branches BANYAN
Turner and others NATS
TV's Gray and Moran ERINS
Union opposer REB
Wandering ERRANT
Went downhill fast SKIED
Write something, even if not the final draft GETTHEWORDSDOWN
Yasir Arafat, originally CAIRENE
Year in the apostle Paul's travels LII
___ Accords (1998 peace agreement) WYE
___ Rios (Jamaican resort) OCHO
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