How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 23 2011

'Awesome!' WOW
'Give it ___!' AREST
'If only ___ listened ...' HED
'Um ... er ...' IMEAN
'___, fair sun, and kill the envious moon': Romeo ARISE
*'As Seen on TV' company KTEL
*'Plan 9 From Outer Space,' e.g. BMOVIE
*'Vette option TTOP
*3-D graph line ZAXIS
*4x platinum album of 2001 JLO
*Ace ___ Stories (old detective pulp magazine) GMAN
*Beam with a bend LBAR
*Gasket type ORING
*Group with the 2000 #1 hit 'It's Gonna Be Me' NSYNC
*House coverer CSPAN
*I.R.S. form WTWO
*Insulation measure RVALUE
*It helps one get the picture FSTOP
*It may be under a hood VSIX
*Little swab QTIP
*Midsize Jaguar STYPE
*One of Sean Combs's aliases PDIDDY
*Revealing photo XRAY
*Setting for 'Saving Private Ryan' DDAY
*The Boss's backers ESTREETBAND
*Thing that won't go off without a hitch? UHAUL
*Tops AONE
*Touch, e.g. IPOD
*Typography symbol MDASH
*Weapon first tested in '52 HBOMB
*Women just don't get it YCHROMOSOME
.___ COM
12-Across and the like NUKES
1909 Physics Nobelist for work in wireless telegraphy MARCONI
Actress Sofer RENA
Author who won a posthumous Pulitzer in 1958 AGEE
Bar mitzvah party RABBI
Barks ARFS
Bedridden, say AILING
Beelike APIAN
Bluegills BREAMS
Bottle in the kitchen or bath DRANO
Bunches TONS
Call letters? SOS
Call, e.g. BET
Coach Parseghian ARA
Colorado ski area VAIL
Country singer Jackson and others ALANS
Cross-dressing INDRAG
Darn SEW
Debilitates IMPAIRS
Deli array MEATS
Dockworker's org. ILA
Doctor Zhivago YURI
Dumbbell abbr. LBS
Exercise one is prone to do PUSHUP
Flatten, in a way MATDOWN
Former Pakistani P.M. Bhutto BENAZIR
Frequently pierced place NOSTRIL
From ___ Z (how this puzzle goes?) ATO
Going ___ APE
Govt. flu-fighting org. CDC
Grand Forks sch. UND
Grasping SEEING
Harry Shearer's program on public radio LESHOW
Honoree's place DAIS
Hot times on the Riviera ETES
How many oldies get rereleased ONCD
Inlet RIA
It may go off the road, briefly ATV
Jenny ___ a k a the Swedish Nightingale LIND
Kind of income DUAL
King protector BISHOP
Lackluster PROSY
Last-second bidder on eBay SNIPER
Lead/tin alloy TERNE
Light bulb over one's tête? IDEE
Like a turkey's wattle SAGGY
Like some amusement parks THEMED
Like some winks SLY
Limit CAP
Marathoner's need STAMINA
Maurice of Nixon's cabinet STANS
Melodious speaking tones LILTS
Mingles (with) ADMIXES
Mountain homes AERIES
Mouths ORA
Nanki-___ of 'The Mikado' POO
Nose-burning ACRID
Not go straight ZIG
Numbers by a door? CAROLS
Numerical prefix DECA
Obama nickname NODRAMA
Oil company acronym ARCO
Old man POPPA
One carrying a toon? CEL
One of the Blues Brothers ELWOOD
Opposite of guerra PAZ
Oscar snubber of 1972 BRANDO
Payment type LUMPSUM
Pilot's milieu SKY
Places where some R.N.'s work ORS
Pointer HINT
Repeated cry in Buster Poindexter's 'Hot Hot Hot' OLE
Saturn's spouse OPS
Scranton-to-Philadelphia dir. SSE
Shakespeare's 'food of love' MUSIC
Shelled SHOTAT
Shelter org. ASPCA
Skeletal opening? EXO
Skewer SPIT
Some drum parts SNARES
Spanish pastry CHURRO
Spreading fast on YouTube VIRAL
Steak ___ DIANE
Sting's instrument BASS
Stocks up AMASSES
Swindle, slangily BURN
Tag sale tag ASIS
Taxco table MESA
The Queen of Soul, familiarly ARETHA
The third one is a shocker RAIL
The year 640 DCXL
They may have keys MAPS
They're found in año after año TILDES
Took the part of PLAYED
Town in Umbria ASSISI
Tribal heads? TOTEM
Trig ratio SECANT
Vegas opening? LAS
Whence the word 'safari' SWAHILI
Workplace for a cabin boy YACHT
Yo, she was Adrian TALIA
___ Kadiddlehopper, Red Skelton character CLEM
___ Mode, female character in 'The Incredibles' EDNA
___ point DEW
___ Trench (earth's deepest depression) MARIANAS
___ trip EGO
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