How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 20 2019

'Agreed!' itsadeal
'Gangnam Style' rapper psy
'Hansel and Gretel' character hag
'Honest!' nolie
'O.K., I see' gotcha
'So ___' (words of agreement) wasi
'The ___ in love with you' (misheard lyric in a Herb Alpert hit) skys
'Yuck' eew
'___ Dinka Doo' (theme song of Jimmy Durante) inka
30-year investments, informally tbonds
Act over the top emote
Actress Blanchett cate
Alan of 'The In-Laws' arkin
Banking org. since 1933 fdic
Baseball scorekeeper anybodyhome
Be unrealistic dream
Bits of roasted cocoa beans nibs
Blooms opens
Boil seethe
Cartoon style anime
Cell material rna
Classic song with the lyric 'I love your kiss' esobeso
Cognac letters vsop
Concessions sops
Copy editor isthatafact
Cruel inhumane
Destiny and fate, e.g.: Abbr syns
Draws on glass, say etches
Dress like for a Halloween bash goas
Duane and Reade, in N.Y.C sts
Duke basketball legend, informally coachk
Emmy, Grammy and Academy Award winner cher
Executor doer
Fab Four name starr
February 13, e.g ides
Football line judge whosesideareyouon
Frighten (from) deter
Gendered suffix enne
Georgia, once: Abbr ssr
Geraint's love in 'Idylls of the King' enid
Get situated, in Britspeak orientate
Going coast to coast, maybe asea
Grind gnash
High chair? throne
Hinder setback
Homeless children waifs
How cheaters deal cards slyly
How Vito Corleone treated Tom Hagen in 'The Godfather' asason
In style and letting everyone know it chichi
Influence on Castro and Mao marx
Issa who wrote 'The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl' rae
It may have corn on the side farmhouse
Job at a drive-in joint carhop
Kind of hound basset
Language from which 'dungarees' comes hindi
Laundry basketful load
Lays into hasat
Letters on some bowling lanes amf
Like many a distance runner wiry
Line at an awards show limos
Major California paper, for short lat
Make toast? doom
Maternity room nurse whoscryingnow
Measured with steps paced
Menace with teeth exposed snarlat
Moistened finger in another's ear wetwilly
Money in Geneva franc
Monopoly foursome: Abbr rrs
Moolah clams
More aloof icier
Moving about astir
Museum curator howsithanging
Natl. Audubon Society concern ecol
Non-___ (food label) gmo
Not level aslope
Not yet proven posited
Occasional aid in crossword solving eraser
Ohio nine reds
One of Goldilocks's complaints toohot
One of the fish in Italy's Feast of the Seven Fishes eel
Ones handing out cigars, stereotypically newdads
Parasitologist whatseatinghim
Parrot ape
Part of a chapel apse
Place for a candidate to speak stump
Poems of admiration odes
Political strategist wherestheparty
Pouch at the bottom of an armoire sachet
Pretty up, as a photo airbrush
Provinces areas
Provoke goad
Royalty-focused grp bmi
Sartorial choice for Lieutenant Columbo raincoat
Secret store stash
Shame dishonor
Sharp-minded astute
Shoulder muscles deltoids
Some drone missions, in short recons
Some punches hooks
Southwest tribe hopis
Spanish pastries often dipped in chocolate churros
SpongeBob's pet snail gary
Stink reek
Stock valuation phrase nopar
Straight hetero
Subject of early genetics research peas
Talking to a baby, maybe cooing
Techniques methods
Teem with aboundin
Teensy bit smidge
The 'Odyssey,' for one saga
The, in Milan gli
Thick rug style shag
Thrilled cries oohs
Title film character with the catchphrase 'Very nice!' borat
Toffee-nosed sorts snoots
Traditional religion of Japan shinto
Turn down an offer sayno
Twins Phil and Steve who won gold and silver in Sarajevo mahres
Unanimously toaman
Unclutter tidyup
Under control inhand
Up the ___ ante
Website for handmade items etsy
What hearts do when things look bad sink
When doubled, a dessert bon
Where to get the latest poop? litterbox
Whipped lashed
Work of a lifetime oeuvre
Writes in enters
Year of the ___ woman
Years, in Madrid anos
Yelled 'S, P, I, R, I, T! - spirit!,' say cheered
___ Bridge (historic span across the Mississippi) eads
___ Valley, Ariz oro
___-compliant ada
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