How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 19 2014

'Come on, help me out' BEAPAL
'Cómo ___?' ESTAS
'Dig in!' LETSEAT
'If I ___ ...' EVER
'Lohengrin' lass ELSA
'Side by Side by Sondheim,' e.g REVUE
'Truthiness,' e.g., before Stephen Colbert NONWORD
'Yoo-___' HOO
1997 Demi Moore title role GIJANE
About whom Nabokov said 'She was like the composition of a beautiful puzzle - its composition and its solution at the same time' LOLITA
As a rule USUALLY
Attempts STRIVES
Backless seat for one TABORET
Barely ahead UPONE
Base figs NCOS
Believer in a strong centralized government STATIST
Big inits. in health products GNC
Big name in TV talk ARSENIO
Bit of jewelry STUD
Brand SEAR
Bray part HAW
British heads LOOS
Certify ATTEST
Chemical compounds in tea TANNINS
Chilling ATEASE
Cigar butt? ETTE
Close NEAR
Cracker brand RITZ
Cure, in a way DRYSALT
Data request from a good ol' furnace repairman? [1953] YOURHEATINCHART
Dish in a bowl CHILI
Displayed for scoring, as in gin rummy MELDED
Dive shop rentals FINS
DNA structure STRANDS
Dragon fruit plants CACTI
Egyptian resurrection symbol SCARAB
Epitome of simplicity ABC
Etiologist's study DISEASE
Everything being considered SHEBANG
Familia members TIAS
Features of much Roman statuary TOGAS
Fictional user of a 21-Across AHAB
Flock : sheep :: drove : ___ HARES
Follower of A, B or AB, informally NEG
Fraternity letter ETA
Frontiersman awakening in a foul mood? [1969] MADBOONERISING
Generating some buzz? APIAN
Georgia O'Keeffe subject IRIS
Get closer ZEROIN
Ghana neighbor TOGO
Gullet MAW
Had a haughty reaction SNEERED
Hockey great whose name is a homophone of 88-Across and 123- and 124-Down ORR
Indian head RAJAH
Inter ___ ALIA
iPod model NANO
Java JOE
Jerusalem's Mount ___ ZION
Jittery ONEDGE
Jour's opposite NUIT
Lawn care tools WEEDERS
Leader after Mao DENG
Like beef for fondue CUBED
Like clockwork EVERYTIME
Like some rollers after use LINTY
Line in writing SERIF
Long pitch SPIEL
Lose it SNAP
Marcos who collected shoes IMELDA
Marsh hunter EGRET
Mass gathering site NAVE
Moolah KALE
Name that starts a well-known 'ism' LENIN
Napa Valley excursion, maybe? [1963] FUNWINEDAY
Not bankrupt AFLOAT
Odyssey maker HONDA
Old 'From one beer lover to another' sloganeer STROHS
On the job ATIT
Ought to have, informally SHOULDA
PC whizzes TECHS
Pennant race mo SEP
Positions in old monasteries SCRIBES
Post-tornado highway detritus, perhaps? [1974] RAFTERINTHELANE
Pulitzer-winning novelist Jennifer EGAN
R&B's ___ Hill DRU
Recluses LONERS
Regatta racer YACHT
Remark about a female stoner? [1980] SHESSOHIGH
Rendezvous TRYSTS
Repeated cry accompanying a gavel hit ORDER
Roast pig after a pig roast? [1956] DOWNEDHOG
Roulette, e.g JEU
Santa ___, Calif ROSA
Scarlett's sister-in-law and best friend in 'Gone With the Wind' MELANIE
Secret language device ENCODER
See 9-Down OAR
See 9-Down ORE
See 9-Down OER
Setting for David's 'The Death of Marat' BATH
Shopper in the juniors section, maybe TWEEN
Singer John with the 1988 title track 'Slow Turning' HIATT
Some Civil War shots SEPIAS
Spa class YOGA
Space cadet DITZ
Speck DOT
Speechless ATALOSS
Spotted horse PIEBALD
Stated SAID
Stella ___ (beer) ARTOIS
Stressed TENSE
Sun spot BEACH
Supposed ancestor of Dracula ATTILA
Teed off ANGERED
Templeton, e.g., in 'Charlotte's Web' RAT
Traffic cop's answer upon being asked 'Describe your job'? [1975] ICITETHEWRONGS
Tropical juice type PAPAYA
True or false: Abbr ANS
Try to hit, as a fly SWATAT
Trying to break a tie, say INOT
Warren ___, baseball's winningest lefty SPAHN
Weapon for 27-Across HARPOON
What may not come out in the wash? SOCK
Words stated with a salute AYEAYESIR
___ nous ENTRE
___' Pea SWEE
___-kiri HARA
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