How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 19 1999

'Be still!' SHH
'How luxurious!' OOLALA
'I don't believe it!' OHNO
'Put a lid ___!' ONIT
'Stars above!' DEARME
'Terminal Bliss' actress Chandler ESTEE
'That'll show 'em!' HAH
'Yay!' RAH
1931 convictee ALCAPONE
A Gardner AVA
After-bath cover ROBE
Arguing ATIT
Attach a patch SEWON
Attire at fraternity blasts TOGAS
Big cats PUMAS
Boat follower WAKE
Bold, impatient type, astrologically ARIES
Book after Job PSALMS
Burlesque bits SKITS
Clean the hands before dinner WASHUP
Cuban coins PESOS
Dig it ORE
End of the song parody THATSAMORAY
Enthusiastic reply in Mexico SISI
Equal PEER
Forest clearing GLADE
Frank of the Mothers of Invention ZAPPA
Funny old guy GEEZER
Ginseng, e.g. HERB
Golf club DRIVER
Hägar the Horrible's dog SNERT
Hankering YEN
Hilarious jokes GASSERS
It's one thing after another ROW
It's positively electric ANODE
Jack of 'The Great Dictator' OAKIE
Jamaica's capital KINGSTON
Jewish youth org. YMHA
Maker of the 5-Series BMW
Match in poker SEE
Once more ANEW
Pac.'s counterpart ATL
Part 1 of a song parody WHENTHATEEL
Penniless BROKE
Pharmaceuticals overseer, for short FDA
Pleasant tune LILT
Pull along TOW
Republican GOP
Resident: Suffix ITE
Screwball NUT
Shoes introduced by the United States Rubber Co. KEDS
Singer Shannon DEL
Snake sounds HISSES
Snooty types SNOBS
Song parody, part 2 BATSANEYE.
Song parody, part 3 WINKRIGHTBACK.
Song parody, part 4 DONTBESHY
Spy's secret CODE
Stalemate IMPASSE
Start with school PRE
Stimulates WHETS
Stir ADO
Talks amorously COOS
Tartish plums SLOES
Time in history ERA
Tiny bit IOTA
Upfront amount ANTE
West of Hollywood MAE
Whose 1961 record Mark McGwire beat MARIS
Zoological classification FAMILY
___ Lingus AER
___ tai MAI
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