How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 18 2006

'What ___?' ELSE
'Yes, ___!' SIR
A sad thing to be in TEARS
Actor Wyle NOAH
Against, with 'to' AVERSE
Ancient ascetic ESSENE
Antediluvian OLD
Aunt ___ of 'Oklahoma!' ELLER
Barely catches, as the heels NIPSAT
Bell the cat DARE
Big name in California wines GALLO
Big strings CELLOS
Bottom line? HEM
Brain part STEM
Caboose, e.g. TAIL
Cartel city CALI
Chest material CEDAR
Corrida call OLE
Deep-six SCRAP
Distant FAR
Essential for an investigator LEAD
Facility EASE
Fateful date IDES
Film reviewers' showings CLIPS
Former Pirates slugger Ralph KINER
Give in ACCEDE
Gladiator's venue ARENA
Glimpse ESPY
Impecuniosity NEED
In years past ONCE
Is in charge COMMANDS
Israeli legislature KNESSET
It may be brought out during a blackout CANDLE
Kind of horse IRON
Lashes TIES
Like a soap opera EPISODIC
Make full SATE
Mirror-conscious VAIN
N.B.A. star Jason KIDD
Netzero.com service EMAIL
Nitrogen compound AMINE
Not silently ALOUD
Pay no attention to a vampire? DISCOUNTDRACULA
Prefix with sound ULTRA
Radio's '___ & Anthony Show' OPIE
Rising stars COMERS
Rugby formation SCRUM
Sad sack LOSER
Santa ___ ANA
School grp. PTA
Selected CHOSE
Send a president out DISPATCHADAMS
Shame a star of 'Singin' in the Rain'? DISGRACEKELLY
Snick and ___ SNEE
Some are slipped DISCS
Sounding like one has a cold, say NASAL
Spoil, with 'on' DOTE
Stretched in order to see CRANED
Supermarket section DELI
Throws on ADDS
Took steps ACTED
Tripmeter feature RESET
Vanishes FADES
Wallet fillers ONES
Well-developed area? OASIS
Words said while holding hands IDO
___ court, law student's exercise MOOT
___ Lama DALAI
___ of faith LEAP
___ Plaines, Ill. DES
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