How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 17 2010

'Anna Christie' playwright ONEILL
'Ghost Whisperer' skill ESP
'Good Guys Wear Black' star, 1979 NORRIS
'Hard ___!' ALEE
'Is that ___?' AFACT
'Knock it off!' ENOUGH
'No more, thanks' IMSET
'The Office' city SCRANTON
'This I Promise You' band, 2000 NSYNC
'West Side Story' girl ANITA
'___ partridge in ...' ANDA
1977 Sex Pistols song ... or their first record label EMI
Abbr. after many a capt.'s name RET
Advice to Tin Man costume designers? DONTRUSTANYONE
Aging vessels? VATS
Algerian port ORAN
All you need to brew a lot of coffee? RIGHTURNONLY
Angel, e.g., for short ALER
Arthur with a racket ASHE
Attic scurrier ROOFRAT
Author Deighton LEN
Bert who was a Leo, aptly LAHR
Bleach brand CLOROX
Blubber SOB
Cabbage batch? WAD
Carpenter ___ ANT
Chief Ouray's tribe UTE
City near old silver mines RENO
Cocktail party serving CANAPE
College course, briefly PSYCH
College course, briefly ECON
Composer Satie ERIK
Cross out OMIT
Damage to a paperback edition? SOFTISSUEINJURY
Debugger's mission? WARAGAINSTERROR
Dr. Westheimer telling it like it is? GODSHONESTRUTH
Educ. group PTA
Eighth or ninth word in the 'Star Wars' opening crawl FAR
Eric Clapton love song LAYLA
Essence PITH
Ethnic group including Zulus BANTUS
Exterminator's target PEST
Exterminator, often SPRAYER
Eye layer UVEA
Father of Ariadne MINOS
Fourth word in the 'Star Wars' opening crawl AGO
Galloping RAPID
Galoots APES
Good outcome SUCCESS
Good situation for a server ADIN
Grammar class exercise PARSING
Great trait ASSET
Handel oratorio king SAUL
Healthful husks BRAN
Help, wrongly ABET
Hickman who played 58-Across DWAYNE
Huge opponents GOLIATHS
Imarets, e.g. INNS
Inter ___ ALIA
Its crown is in your head TOOTH
Ivanhoe's lady ROWENA
Japanese I.T. giant NEC
Julio to julio ANO
Karma FATE
Ken of 'thirtysomething' OLIN
Kind of talk PEP
King, in Portuguese REI
Language from which 'sky' and 'egg' are derived NORSE
Law school course TORTS
Like a ___ bricks TONOF
Liturgical reference MISSAL
Living ___ LARGE
Longtime Buick model CENTURY
Lumber dimensions WIDTHS
Mag. team EDS
Male symbol components ARROWS
Married mujer: Abbr. SRA
Name on the street REP
Nocturnal fledgling OWLET
Nonplussed THROWN
Once, formerly ERST
Opposite of stout LANK
Orange-roofed establishment, in brief HOJO
Paper that dishes dirt RAG
Pitcher plant victim FLY
Playmate of Piglet ROO
Poetry contests SLAMS
Pol Paul RON
Port sights CRANES
Quark/antiquark particle MESON
Radar image BLIP
Rapper's retinue POSSE
Recording period SESSION
Result of a plumbing disaster in the apartment above? TOILETRAINING
Romance lang. ITAL
Sacrament, e.g. RITE
Santiago is its patron saint ESPANA
Scan for slips PROOFREAD
Scoldings EARFULS
Scottish seaport AYR
Shevat or Sivan MONTH
Shout at a bowl RAH
Skeptical rejoinder IBET
Slip hider ERASER
Something an office worker might file NAIL
Something kids might very well tune out? THEPARENTRAP
Spade, e.g., for short TEC
Spiritedly, in scores ANIMATO
Stars can have big ones EGOS
Starting stake ANTE
Strapped INNEED
Subject of a Scottish mystery, informally NESSIE
Suffix with cruciverbal IST
Tea leaves alternative TAROT
Tome that makes a pub owner feel nostalgic? THEBOOKOFLOSTALES
Toon for which Hank Azaria won a 1998 Emmy APU
Topsy-turvy UPENDED
Touch, e.g. IPOD
Unattended LONE
Updates electrically REWIRES
V.I.-to-Trinidad dir. SSE
Variety TYPE
Voiced, in phonetics SONANT
W.W. II command area ETO
Walked boldly STRODE
Waste line SEWER
Web site for Charlotte BARN
What you might bow your head to get LEI
Whence the phrase 'sour grapes' AESOP
Where to find a best-selling CD? ONTHEFASTRACK
___ avis RARA
___ cloud (solar system outlier) OORT
___ Gillis of 1960s TV DOBIE
___ of Souls, Na'vi temple in 'Avatar' TREE
___ Zoo BRONX
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