How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 17 2001

'... ___ saw Elba' EREI
'Star Wars' walk-ons ETS
'___ here long?' BEEN
Accompanist? ESCORT
Aggressive sort TYPEA
Alice's chronicler ARLO
Arcade name ATARI
Arp movement DADA
Balance sheet item DEBT
Baltic port RIGA
Be still, at sea LIETO
Beasts in a span OXEN
Blackthorn fruit SLOE
Blame bearer GOAT
Bochco TV drama LALAW
Calisthenics improve it TONE
Cause for a recall DEFECT
Chance to swing ATBAT
Cheerful BLITHE
Class in which posers are presented ART
Court attention-getter GAVEL
Cutlass maker, briefly OLDS
Earth Summit site RIO
Embellish, in a way LARD
End of the quip THANTOGETTIRED
Extremely, informally DARN
Fireplace INGLE
Fish lacking ventral fins EELS
Front end of a one-two JAB
Full of energy GOGO
Full of holes FLAWED
Ike's command, once: Abbr. ETO
Investigate LOOKINTO
It may be upside-down CAKE
It's insurable LIFE
Java neighbor BALI
Kachina doll makers HOPI
Kipling classic GUNGADIN
Like many a wrestler BEEFY
Linchpin's place AXLE
List ender ETAL
Love affair AMOUR
Micromanager's concern DETAIL
Middle of the quip LONGERTORECOVER
Monk's home, maybe PRIORY
Motive for some crime HATE
N.F.L. great Hirsch ELROY
Needing patches WORN
Object of blind devotion IDOL
Old TV sidekick TONTO
One of a great quintet LAKE
Org. with a much-cited journal AMA
Packing heat ARMED
Place to practice driving RANGE
Plowman's need REIN
Pricing word APIECE
Pulver's rank: Abbr. ENS
Purple shade LILAC
Reebok competitor KEDS
Scads ALOT
Small hill KNOLL
Small songbirds WRENS
Smith's partner WESSON
Smoker or diner CAR
Social introduction? ANTI
Spinnaker's place YACHT
Start of a quip about middle age ITSWHENITTAKES
Steinbeck hero JOAD
Stone-faced STOLID
Tinker with, in a way EDIT
Virginia's Robert ___ ELEE
When repeated, an Ivy League tune BOOLA
Win big ROMP
___ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
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