How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 16 2003

'And then again ...' ORNOT
'Death in Venice' author MANN
'Life ___ cabaret' ISA
'Safe' or 'out' CALL
'___ off?' ONOR
'___ Sleep, for Every Favor' (old hymn) EREI
38-Down was the second one SON
Academy graduate ENSIGN
Adherent in Iran BAHAI
Antidrug mantra JUSTSAYNO
Antiroyalist, in the Revolution WHIG
Atlases, e.g.: Abbr. MTNS
Bit of wit PUN
Blue dyes ANILS
Broadway opening? ACTONE
Cheated GULLED
Clockmaker Terry ELI
Cornell's home ITHACA
Creepy-crawlies LARVAE
Cruelty SADISM
Desktop marker ICON
Div. of a former union SSR
Earthling HUMAN
Feeble-minded DOTY
Fit up against BUTTTO
Hebrew prophet ELIJAH
How some rebukes are made CROSSLY
Informal goodbyes CIAOS
Ins have it ACCESS
It might be next to a bar of soap SHAMPOO
Ja, across the Rhine OUI
Kind of bag TOTE
Label on many an advertising photo AFTER
Like Britain's Private Eye magazine SATIRICAL
Limo passenger VIP
Litigious one SUER
Marriage byproduct INLAWS
Milk provider EWE
Other, in España OTRA
Outside: Prefix EXO
P.D. alert APB
Pantywaist SISSY
Period STAGE
Philips product TVSET
Place to lay over INN
Provençal pal AMIE
R.N.'s treatment TLC
Relating to life BIOTIC
Scolding sound TSK
Scottie in the White House FALA
See 1-Across GRID
See 1-Across SPACE
See 54-Across ABEL
See 69-Across XANDO
See 69-Across GAME
She played Maude on 'Maude' BEA
Skid row ailment DTS
Split personalities? EXES
Surrounding light HALO
Ted Williams and others REDSOX
They have big bills TOUCANS
Unconcerned retort SOWHAT
Unfeeling RUTHLESS
Vargas Llosa novel '___ Julia and the Scriptwriter' AUNT
Vishnu, e.g. GOD
Washington State's Sea-___ Airport TAC
Winter Olympics event SLALOM
With 5- and 10-Across, need for 69-, 70- and 71-Across NINE
With 70- and 71-Across, what the middle of this puzzle is KIDS
Work boot feature TOECAP
Ye follower OLDE
Yes-man, perhaps NODDER
___ Abdel Nasser GAMAL
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