How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 15 2007

'Are you ___ out?' INOR
'Movin' ___' ('The Jeffersons' theme song) ONUP
'Shucks!' GEE
'That's all there ___ it!' ISTO
'Thumbs up' AOK
'___ good time, call …' FORA
1928 Oscar winner Jannings EMIL
Acts obsequiously KOWTOWS
Arctic bird AUK
Area from which to hear an aria OPERABOX
Atty.'s org. ABA
Bank contents MONEY
Beach footwear SANDAL
Boneheaded DUMB
Bride, after the vows WIFE
Capital of Ecuador QUITO
Cast about STREW
Caster of spells MAGE
Catcher's position SQUAT
Christmas song NOEL
Christmastime YULE
Church recess APSE
Cry loudly SOB
Cunningness WILE
Dadaist Jean ARP
Deception SHAM
Do well (at) EXCEL
ET transporters UFOS
Fairy-tale meanie OGRE
Feudal lord LIEGE
Figs. averaging 100 IQS
Film critic Roger EBERT
Fit of temper SNIT
French head TETE
Gather, logically INFER
German word of appreciation DANKE
Holiday quaff EGGNOG
Home of Città del Vaticano ROMA
Hungarian cube maker RUBIK
Macadamia, e.g. NUT
Mao ___-tung TSE
Motorist's way: Abbr. RTE
Nerve GALL
Not wide NARROW
Off course ASTRAY
One of the friends on 'Friends' PHOEBE
Oz musical, with 'The' WIZ
Parlor piece SETTEE
Piano key wood EBONY
Pop crooner Neil SEDAKA
Put on the payroll again REHIRE
Raced (through) TORE
Raspberry CATCALL
Roman 111 CXI
S-shaped molding OGEE
Singer Braxton TONI
Singer Bryant and others ANITAS
Special occasion REDLETTERDAY
Spiciness ZEST
Spoken ORAL
Spring game? LEAPFROG
Spruce relative FIR
Start of a magician's cry ABRA
State Farm's business: Abbr. INS
Sushi fish EEL
Unconscionably high interest USURY
Unilever soap brand LUX
Vase URN
Wallop in the boxing ring KAYO
Waterfront site QUAY
What marks and francs have been replaced with EUROS
Where to find the colors in this puzzle TRAFFICLIGHT
Wide-eyed AGOG
Winner of the first Super Bowl GREENBAYPACKERS
___ constrictor BOA
___ Lingus AER
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