How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 13 2019

'Frozen' snowman olaf
'Gangnam Style' rapper psy
'Get ___!' real
'That's really important to me' ineedit
'We'll teach you to drink deep ___ you depart': Hamlet ere
8: Abbr aug
A pop each
Accident investigation org ntsb
Actress Aniston, in the tabloids jen
Airline to Ben Gurion Airport elal
All out wholehog
Along the back dorsal
Amtrak stops: Abbr stns
And the homebody ordered an .. insidescoop
Angry chorus boos
Annual science fiction award nebula
Approximately orso
Arthur who composed 'The Yeomen of the Guard' sullivan
At the ice cream parlor, the grand marshal ordered a .. paradefloat
Atoms bits
Bad thing on a motorist's record, for short dwi
Beaux-___ arts
Bulbous, narrow-necked bottles demijohns
Channel with highlights espn
Company with a Roman centurion logo, informally amex
Contribute add
Country singer with the #1 albums 'Breathe' and 'Cry' faithhill
Director Guillermo ___ Toro del
Dismissal, slangily kissoff
Earth terra
Eastern philosophy tao
Effort try
Elided greeting sup
English facilities loo
Eponym of the Courage Award given at the ESPYs ashe
Fails (to) neglects
Family support group alanon
Fed. agcy. founded by 24-Down ssa
Females whose gender identities match their gender assignments at birth ciswomen
Filming locale lot
First name of the First Lady of Song ella
Fishing sites wharfs
Follow closely tail
Frequent co-star of Mastroianni loren
Friendly greeting on the highway toot
God, in Rastafarianism jah
Govt. org. under Homeland Security ice
Had a good cry bawled
Having come apart undone
Home planet of TV's ALF melmac
How many verbs in Esperanto are irregular none
I.S.P. option aol
In a way sorta
Isn't serious jokes
It can symbolize an open mouth in an 8-Down dee
Japanese drama noh
Kind of intake, to a nutritionist caloric
Lifesaver, for short emt
Like much of the Western Hemisphere latinamerican
Like sailors on leave ashore
Likely to butt in nosy
Locale for a bottom feeder seabed
Low-status, as work menial
Manual selection gear
Marina apparatus boatlift
Miles away afar
Most foxy slyest
Name shouted at the end of the 'Flintstones' closing theme song wilma
Navigational aid, for short gps
No longer bothered by over
Ocular socket eyepit
One who facilitates self-destructive behavior enabler
Pay up? wagehike
Perspicacious keen
Places for cheap drinks dives
Planted sown
Premium Cuban cigar brand cohiba
Pres. who signed the Glass-Steagall Act fdr
Problems of amnesia gaps
Pufflet wisp
Question of doubt isit
R&B's ___ Brothers isley
Radicchio relative endive
Rapper who founded the record label Mass Appeal nas
Rehab affliction, for short dts
Relinquish cede
Savings vehicle, in brief tnote
Scruffs napes
See 46-Across deadaim
See 6-Down emoticon
Simpson with the 2004 hit 'Pieces of Me' ashlee
Sites with corporate names, often arenas
Slippery, say wet
Smelly ripe
Some counterculture gatherings loveins
Some gametes ova
Some narcs deaagents
Some sights in Oz emeralds
Something lost in old literature paradise
Soviet space dog of 1957 laika
Stop cease
Stops ends
Stores with Småland play areas ikeas
Successful presidential slogan of old ilikeike
Supermodel Lima adriana
T.S.A. requirements ids
Tach readings rpms
The amateur singer ordered a .. karaokebar
The Apollo Theater usher ordered a .. harlemshake
The confirmed bachelor ordered a .. singlemalt
The crossing guard ordered a .. trafficcone
The dental hygienist ordered a .. suctioncup
The Mormon Church, for short lds
The pastry chef ordered a .. bakingsoda
Theoretical apriori
Total nerdburger dweeb
Toy to keep track of? trainset
Vaporize aerify
Vegas establishment with a giant guitar sign hardrockhotel
W.W. II arena eto
Water irrigate
Weak-minded type dotard
Weight onus
What 'goes to' a movie star theoscar
What 'X' may stand for extra
What an auctioneer's gavel indicates sale
Where many Golden State Warriors fans live bayarea
Winds, as videotape spools
Wine from central Tuscany chianti
Winter garment insert coatliner
With 45-Across, focus directly on hitting someone take
Without alteration asis
Won gained
Writing of W. S. Gilbert libretto
___ al-Fitr (holiday marking the close of Ramadan) eid
___ Beach, Hawaii ewa
___ rea (intent to commit a crime) mens
___-free scot
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