How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 13 2015

'Bro!' DUDE
'Once upon ___ ...' ATIME
'Out of many, one' EPLURIBUSUNUM
'Phooey!' BAH
'Sure, why not?!' LETS
'The Matrix' hero NEO
'Up and ___!' ATEM
'Wake Up Little ___' (Everly Brothers hit) SUSIE
'___ Gold' (1997 Peter Fonda film) ULEES
'___ Tu' (1974 hit) ERES
2012 award for 20-Across OSCAR
Actress Lamarr HEDY
All but the signal, in radio NOISE
Arthur of tennis ASHE
Bea Arthur sitcom MAUDE
Berserk MAD
Big Apple-based designer label DKNY
Billboard's top rock group of 2000-09 ... or where to find a 23-Across (before 1939) or 17-Across (today) NICKELBACK
Born earlier OLDER
Computer key near Shift CTRL
Country in which English and Mandarin are official languages SINGAPORE
Cousin of a bassoon OBOE
Diced dish HASH
Diva's number ARIA
Doll's cry MAMA
Eating non-halal, to Muslims TABOO
Ernest nicknamed 'The Texas Troubadour' TUBB
Feedbag bit OAT
Gridiron grp NFL
Huge amount OCEAN
Hurt AIL
I.e., spelled out IDEST
Ignite LIGHT
Image on the reverse of a Canadian quarter CARIBOU
Inkwell item QUILL
It's chalked in a pool hall CUETIP
Jai ___ ALAI
Largest wild animal in the United States AMERICANBISON
Lee who directed 'Life of Pi' ANG
Neutral shade ECRU
Nonnative speaker's course, in brief ESL
Not 'fer' AGIN
One of 'dose,' in Brooklyn DAT
One year's record ANNAL
Org. in 'The Bourne Ultimatum' CIA
Picnic table place PATIO
Potluck supper serving, maybe CHILI
Practice game, in sports SCRIMMAGE
Prefix with -plasty OSTEO
Press URGE
Press IRON
Prize in horse racing PURSE
Resident of the so-called 'Chicago of Japan' OSAKAN
Rose's protection THORN
Roughly ABOUT
Run out of rhythm? AEIOU
School singing group GLEECLUB
Setting for a classic Agatha Christie mystery NILE
Seville snacks TAPAS
Simile's center ASA
Slants LEANS
Soy-based soup MISO
Splenda rival EQUAL
Tech support callers USERS
Title for Tuck FRIAR
Touches down LANDS
Tourist attraction in Charlottesville, Va MONTICELLO
Turned loose RELEASED
Vexation IRE
What milk will do if you add lemon juice CLOT
Word after bump or break INTO
Zippy flavor TANG
___ Prize, annual international award for mathematics ABEL
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