How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 13 2013

'Eat at ___' (classic sign) JOES
'Hairspray' role EDNA
'I'm impressed!' OOH
'It Happened One Night' director CAPRA
'Peace ___ hand' ISAT
'Spider-Man' director Sam RAIMI
'There Is ___ ...' (song by the Cure) NOIF
'Yeah, that'll happen' IBET
84-Down's doings EVIL
Abruptly calls off plans, say BAILS
Ancient Greek school STOICS
Atlanta Braves' div NLE
Author of 'Unto the Sons' TALESE
Back door REAREXIT
Beginning of ___ (watershed moment) ANERA
Bernstein's 'Candide,' for one OPERETTA
Black ___ OPS
Bone connected to the oblique cord ULNA
Bow attachment KEEL
Chorus after 'All in favor' AYES
Co-star of 'The Stunt Man' OTOOLE
Coach Parseghian ARA
Comic actor Jacques TATI
Commandment adjective THY
Company closing? INC
Dance instruction STEPS
Dates SEES
Diamonds, e.g SUIT
Ditch-digging, e.g TOIL
Division politique ETAT
Donnybrooks BRAWLS
Drought-prone ARID
E.M.T. training CPR
Eco-conscious GREEN
Fed. agents TMEN
File extensions TABS
Friendly introduction? USER
Gen. Bradley OMAR
German pronoun ICH
Gershwin's 'The ___ Love' MANI
Get ready to ride, with 'up' SADDLE
Greenish shade TEAL
H.S. senior's exam, once SATI
Hand-held organizer, in brief PDA
High-hat SNOOTY
Hitch RUB
Hollywood's home: Abbr FLA
Hollywood's Patricia and others NEALS
Horned Frogs' sch TCU
Impart LEND
Inclined ASLOPE
Investor's bottom line NETCOST
Knee-length hip-hop shirts TALLTEES
Laundry problem STAIN
Leaves out of the bag? LOOSETEA
Light side YANG
Like Big Mama Thornton's 'Hound Dog' BLUESY
Like letters marked 'Return to sender' UNREAD
Like magic squares MATHEMATICAL
Like some unexciting bids LOWISH
Limestone variety OOLITE
Makes a love connection? HOOKSUP
Many a Rubens subject NUDE
Master SAHIB
Mercedes models SLS
Mete out RATION
Monet's Dutch subjects TULIPS
Mother who was a Nobelist TERESA
Muslim leader IMAM
Nesting place for a bird EAVE
Newspapers GAZETTES
Numerical prefix TETRA
Oil-rich land EMIRATE
One of two photos in an ad BEFORE
One who's beyond belief? INFIDEL
Ones getting hit on at salsa clubs? BONGOS
P.T.A.'s concern: Abbr EDUC
Parisian schools LYCEES
Parts of pounds PENCE
Pitcher's datum SAVE
Pizza topper SAUSAGE
Playwright Fugard ATHOL
Poison hemlock or Queen Anne's lace BIENNIAL
Price abbr CTS
Price to play ANTE
Prie-___ (kneeling bench) DIEU
Published RAN
Revolutionary figure? PLANET
Road sign that may elicit a groan DETOUR
Rotating surveying tool YLEVEL
See 119-Across VERTICALLY
See 119-Across DIAGONALLY
Short cut BOB
Show some irritation BRISTLE
Silent screen star Naldi NITA
Singer Dion CELINE
Skeleton section RIBCAGE
Sledge who sang 'When a Man Loves a Woman' PERCY
Slippery EELY
Snake along SLITHER
Some E-mail attachments PDFS
Somewhat ATAD
Sports car feature ROLLBAR
Start of an agreement that's not really an agreement YESBUT
Stay fresh KEEP
Steamed bun in Chinese cookery BAO
Stretched, in a way CRANED
Suffix with zillion AIRE
Tennis Hall-of-Famer born in Bucharest NASTASE
The Wright brothers' home OHIO
Trail LAG
Tuscan export CHIANTI
Unlock, to a poet OPE
Used, as a dinner tray ATEON
When the Festival de Cannes opens MAI
Where Ponce de León died HAVANA
Winging it? INFLIGHT
With 98-Across, 34-Down and 48-Down, what each line in the center square should do ADDUPTOFIFTEEN
Women's suffrage leader Carrie Chapman ___ CATT
Woodstock artist Guthrie ARLO
Workplace rights org NLRB
Workplace welfare org OSHA
Worshiper with a pentagram SATANIST
___-Seltzer ALKA
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