How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 12 1998

'It was the ___ I could do' LEAST
'Original Gangster' rapper ICET
'Star Wars' director George LUCAS
'What happened next...' THEN
'Whoops!' UHOH
'___ us a son is given' UNTO
551, in Latium DLI
About INRE
Advice-giving Landers ANN
Archeological site RUIN
Art print: Abbr. LITH
Author Calvino ITALO
Beanery sign EATS
Beethoven piano piece TRIO
Bikini, e.g. ISLE
Bind, as a chicken for roasting TRUSS
Bleats BAAS
Blooming neckwear? LEI
Bridge SPAN
Capitol site, with 'the' HILL
Car security device ALARM
Check for embezzlement, perhaps AUDIT
Deep mud MIRE
Duck's home POND
Dump water on DRENCH
Dwight's opponent in '52 and '56 ADLAI
Eat it FOOD
Electrical overload protector FUSE
Esposito of hockey PHIL
Evanston, to Chicago SUBURB
Exclusive SOLE
Film unit REEL
Fodder holder SILO
Friendly Islands, formally TONGA
German spa EMS
Gilbert and Sullivan princess IDA
Hive dwellers BEES
Irish county north of Limerick CLARE
It's nothing to Agassi LOVE
Jemima, e.g. AUNT
Lifeless ARID
Like dentists? DOWNINTHEMOUTH.
Like trampolinists? UPINTHEAIR
Like tree surgeons? OUTONALIMB
Mandolin's ancestor LUTE
Martians and Venusians, for short ETS
Money drawer TILL
Neighbor of Syr. ISR
Nick at ___ NITE.
Nobleman EARL
Novelist Anita LOOS
Occupied INUSE
Oklahoma Indian OTOE
Org. overseeing quadrennial games IOC
Otherworldly EERIE
Out-and-out UTTER
Part of a cassette tape SIDEB
Portly plus OBESE
Pre-entree course SALAD
Prime time times EVENINGS
Put in an overhead bin, say STOW
Rapscallion SCAMP
Restaurant with waffles and such IHOP
Smidgens IOTAS
Statesman Root ELIHU
Sugar suffix OSE
Surrealist Salvador DALI
Timmy's dog LASSIE
What CD players don't require NEEDLE
Where to see 'E.R.' or 'Ellen' ONTV
___ Day (November 2) ALLSOULS
___ Scotia NOVA
___'acte (intermission) ENTR
___-cochere (carriage entrance) PORTE
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