How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 11 2004

'Daniel Boone' actor AMES
'Dee-lish!' YUM
'Hud' director RITT
'I'll think about it' MAYBE
'No man ___ island' ISAN
'Shane' star LADD
'The Lady ___' INRED
'___ Got a Friend' YOUVE
'___ Lisa Smile' (2003 film) MONA
'___ Whoopee!' (1920's hit) MAKIN
103-Down appendage FROND
10th-12th century dynasty LIAO
1960's-70's Pontiacs GTOS
90-Down college town ORONO
90-Down tribe PENOBSCOT
About 1% of the Earth's atmosphere ARGON
Accord AMITY
Accord maker HONDA
Accumulates STORESUP
Actress Luft LORNA
Actress Massey ILONA
All together, musically TUTTI
Allied SIDED
Ammonia derivatives AMINES
An archangel URIEL
Annapolis inst. USNA
Approval sign STAMP
Art Spiegelman best seller MAUS
Article in El Diario LOS
Barbaric CRUEL
Barbecue fare RIBS
Belgian city or province NAMUR
Bill's partner COO
Blood classification system ABO
Bridge expert GOREN
Buccaneer's locale TAMPA
Car in a Beach Boys song TBIRD
Case worker? JUROR
City west of Daytona Beach OCALA
Civil War side, with 'the' UNION
Colleague of Kent LANE
Combine FUSE
Company store exchange SCRIP
Considers, as testimony HEARS
Cougars or Bobcats, slangily MERCS
Criticize severely RIP
Crocodile tears? CRYINGSHAM
Curving ARCED
Dealer's foe NARC
Directive to a masseur at a Jewish spa? RUBGOLDBERG
European finches SERINS
Extend a college athlete's eligibility REDSHIRT
F.B.I. operative GMAN
Fencing piece EPEE
Footwork? PODIATRY
Former Michigan/ Indiana tribe MIAMIS
German/French river SAAR
Go on and on RANT
Greek city-state POLIS
Greenland base for many polar expeditions ETAH
Gulf war missile SCUD
Haberdashery robberies? HATCRIMES
Hair ointment POMADE
Handled SEENTO
Have ___ for ITIN
I.Q. test pioneer BINET
I.R.S. agent: Abbr. AUD
In ___ (stuck) ABIND
Infected GERMY
Injured STUNG
It's pushed in Kensington Gardens PRAM
Jewel at a 50's dance? HOPDIAMOND
Job antecedent ESTHER
John/Rice musical AIDA
Judges' seat BANC
Kettle's place STOVE
Kind of pack FANNY
La ___, Calif. JOLLA
Latin 101 word AMAT
Latin name for ancient Troy ILIUM
Leader's name that's etymologically related to 'chess' SHAH
Life of a region BIOTA
Like an angry Mao Zedong? MADINCHINA
Like many beachgoers SANDALED
Like some cuisine HAUTE
Limited, as some 1960's military service? INNAMONLY
Long Island town MINEOLA
Made reparations ATONED
Noted Barton CLARA
One hawking CRIER
Part of an M.D.'s sched. APPT
Parts of el día HORAS
Pass over ELIDE
Pavements MACADAMS
Peak near Neuchâtel ALPE
Pint of water, say? TAPMEASURE
Plant with spiny-edged leaves ALOE
Popular rejoinders DUHS
Pound, e.g. POET
R.E.M.'s 'The ___ Love' ONEI
Rather, to some? GREATDAN
Reason to call the exterminator? RATINCREASE
Rel. figures STES
Reply of mock aggrievement MOI
Revealed LETSLIP
Revolting ones REBS
Rig owners OILMEN
Satirist Mort SAHL
Scolding word to a dog BAD
See 103-Across FERN
See 29-Across or 9-Down MAINE
Sentencing times DOOMSDAYS
Singer India.___ ARIE
Ski trail PISTE
Something to avoid TABOO
South American tuber OCA
Standing ONEND
Stuffy-sounding NASAL
Swindle at Ben & Jerry's? ICECREAMCON
The Little Mermaid ARIEL
They may be taken in an emergency STAIRS
Tolerate ABIDE
TV prizes EMMYS
University in Bethlehem LEHIGH
Unoriginal argument REHASH
Was out SLEPT
Washington city on the Columbia PASCO
Western enterprise that goes bankrupt? DUDRANCH
___ Amin IDI
___ Angels HELLS
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