How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 10 2019

'Beetle Bailey' dog otto
'Dear ___ Hansen' (2017 Tony winner) evan
'I don't want this house after all'? keepitrealtor
'No problem at all!' easy
'The Last Jedi' director Johnson rian
'You've got to be kidding me!' awcomeon
Another nickname for the Governator arnie
Anthem starter osay
Army allowance ration
Attempt essay
Bass group? nsync
Big name in cosmetics avon
Billiards need rack
Church chorus amens
Confined, with 'up' pent
Crept (along) inched
Dark kind of look goth
Derides scoffsat
Drifter hobo
E'en if tho
Eastern European capital sofia
Elates sends
Endurance legs
Even up align
FaceTime alternative skype
Galoot bigape
Gave a pill, say dosed
Give stars to rate
Glimpses spots
Grind, in a way gnash
Group of traffic cops, for short? atf
Gun-shy wary
Hoffman who wrote 'Steal This Book' abbie
It's a relief aloe
Italian scooter vespa
Italy's Lake ___ como
James who sang at the opening of the 1984 Summer Olympics etta
Japanese box meal bento
Kidnapper who gets arrested? captorinhand
Like a necktie near the end of a long workday, maybe askew
Like some shoppes olde
Long time out? coma
Many an intern gofer
Margaret Thatcher, e.g., in her later years baroness
Measure of purity karat
Mr. with a 'Wild Ride' at Disneyland toad
Mustang catcher lariat
Need to speak larynx
Not a single nary
Not altogether each
Oh, what an actress! sandra
Oklahoma's ___ Air Force Base vance
Once-over eye
Optimistic rosy
Page listing url
Partner of pieces bits
Pizazz oomph
Pizza delivery pie
Playwright Sean who wrote 'The Plough and the Stars' ocasey
Prize that comes with 9 million kronor nobel
Prudent way to think twice
River whose name comes entirely from the last eight letters of the alphabet styx
Sacred text ... or your reaction upon figuring out this puzzle's theme? torah
Savoir-faire tact
Show up appear
Skater Slutskaya irina
Soccer player Hamm mia
Some court wear sneakers
Spiffy top polo
Synagogue singer with hokey humor? cantorofcorn
Tennis ___ pro
Theater seating info tier
Things in the backs of Macs onbuttons
Ticking dangers timebombs
What bears do in the market sell
What photocopiers do scan
Win a one-on-one game against a Toronto hoops player? beattheraptor
___ economy gig
___ yoga hatha
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