How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 10 2010

'Aunt ___ Cope Book' ERMAS
'Darn it!' NERTS
'From the top!' AGAIN
'Gigi' star CARON
'Help yourself!' BEMYGUEST
'McSorley's Bar' artist SLOAN
'Othello' provocateur IAGO
'That Girl' girl ANNMARIE
'That's ___!' AWRAP
'The jeans that built America' LEES
'___ 'er there!' PUT
-stat starter RHEO
Action film staple CHASE
Advocate: Abbr. ATTY
Ancient Rome's port OSTIA
Angry with SOREAT
Annoying buzzer GNAT
Baltic land: Abbr. LITH
Baseball great who's Bonds's godfather MAYS
Bikini blast, briefly ATEST
Calvino who wrote 'Mr. Palomar' ITALO
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Causeway fees TOLLS
Certain therapy, commonly EST
Challenge for the wheelchair-bound STEP
Chicago Bears coaching legend George HALAS
Chicago Bears coaching legend Mike DITKA
Close one PAL
Coats with a protective oxide ANODIZES
Complete bomb on a test ZERO
Conductance unit MHO
Covers, as the earth SODS
Crabbed SURLY
D.D.E.'s 1942 command ETO
Dulciana, for one ORGANSTOP
Easter rabbits' needs? DYES
Ending with over or cover ALLS
Epicurus and Democritus, philosophically ATOMISTS
Festoons SWAGS
Fish-loving bird ERNE
Fruitcake LOON
Gel made from seaweed AGAR
German exclamations ACHS
Grave robbers GHOULS
How something might be washed ASHORE
Hyundai model ELANTRA
Imminent alumni: Abbr. SRS
In a smooth manner SLEEKLY
In round figures ESTIMATED
Interprets READS
Is snug FITS
Jannings of 'The Last Command' EMIL
Koran chapter SURA
Landlord's sign TOLET
Leader of a musical 'gang' KOOL
Less flustered SERENER
Love, in a way NOSCORE
Lustful RANDY
Magazine no. ISS
Many perfumes SPRAYS
Monastery resident FRIAR
Most urgent DIREST
Much Marcel Duchamp work ANTIART
Nebraska natives OTOES
Nogales 'now' AHORA
Old 'Tonight Show' starter HERES
Old car similar to a Malibu ALERO
Organic compound ENOL
Paris's ___ Rivoli RUEDE
Passed without effect BLEWOVER
Paul Anka or Dan Aykroyd, by birth OTTAWAN
Penn State campus site ALTOONA
Picking up, as perfume SMELLING
Pin holders ETUIS
PIN requesters ATMS
Pizza topping ONION
Place for a cup holder ARMREST
Post- opposite PRE
Posts on a wall, say TAPESUP
Potter professor Severus ___ SNAPE
President who took office in 1946 PERON
Pro follower RATA
Record label of the Cars and the Doors ELEKTRA
Relaxation site DEN
Reply in 'The Little Red Hen' NOTI
River at Avignon RHONE
Rocket head NOSE
Save for the future SETBY
See 110-Across BLOCKER
See 114-Across STATION
See 118-Across METER
See 24-Across HOTEL
See 26-Across ECONOMY
See 28-Across DENTURE
See 55-Across MONTH
See 67-Across PROVINCES
See 83-Across EAGLE
Ship out GOTOSEA
Some beachwear SHADES
Some Madrileñas: Abbr. SRTAS
Sped up, and how! FLOOREDIT
Stomach sound GROWL
Subway posting MAP
Sucker DUPE
Super Bowl XIII and XIV winning player STEELER
Tasted, biblically ATEOF
Telephoned RANG
Tell tales LIE
Tending to wash out ERODENT
The Belvedere ___ (Vatican sculpture) TORSO
The loop it's best to be out of NOOSE
These, in Madrid ESTAS
These, in Oise CES
They might have springs RESORTS
Thunderbird enthusiast? WINO
Trans-Siberian Railroad stop OMSK
Turkish honchos AGHAS
Unfermented grape juice STUM
Uninhabited DESOLATE
Unnerving, perhaps EERIE
With 10-Down, stopover MOTOR
With 104-Down, utility gauge WATER
With 16-Down, certain plate PARTIAL
With 4-Down, alternative to free enterprise PLANNED
With 45-Down, about 29 1/2 days LUNAR
With 47-Down, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta PRAIRIE
With 70-Down, skilled lawyer LEGAL
With 91-Down, hypertension control option CALCIUM
With 95-Down, meteorological post WEATHER
Woman's name meaning 'beautiful' BELLA
Wyoming peak TETON
___ Bobbin of the Oz books BETSY
___ particle (electrically neutral meson) ETA
___ Plaines, Ill. DES
___ to one's neck INUP
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