How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 09 2003

'+' site ANODE
'Gangsta's Paradise' rapper COOLIO
'Heat' star, 1995 ALPACINO
'I've had enough' NOMORE
'___ So Easy' ITS
A lot GOBS
Apologize and then some ATONE
Author Simpson MONA
Bandage SWATHE
Bibliophile's label RARE
Big furniture retailer IKEA
Black INKY
Bombay royal RANEE
Boy-girl HETERO
Bribe OIL
Brightest star in Aquila ALTAIR
Bump on a branch NODE
Carryall CASE
Commercial prefix with bank CITI
Connecticut city that's home to ESPN BRISTOL
Countenance ALLOW
Dignified STAID
Dunderhead IDIOT
Easter serving LAMB
End of the quip NOWIAREONE
English ___ LIT
Eskimo's catch SEAL
Eye protector LASH
Faction WING
Farm cry OINK
Federation LEAGUE
Go after SUE
How refunds may be made PRORATA
Hungary's Imre ___ NAGY
Institute of Nuclear Studies site OAKRIDGE
Island bird NENE
It's opened with a knife MELON
John Lennon's last million-selling single WOMAN
Kind of doctor SPIN
Life's founder LUCE
Little one PEEWEE
Loan payment schedules: Abbr. AMORTS
Match parts SETS
Mexican tree with large, edible seeds BREADNUT
More than dampens RAINSON
More work UTOPIA
Muckraker Tarbell IDA
Navigable channels SEAGATES
Not subject to change CASTIRON
Out of sorts ILL
Pain in the neck DRAG
Pickable RIPE
Pizazz OOMPH
Place for shorthand STENOPAD
Play-___ DOH
Prepares for a bout SPARS
Quip, part 2 AGOICOULDNT
Quip, part 3 SPELLAUTHOR
Ridicule SNEERAT
Series of postures, basically YOGA
Settings for some TV dramas: Abbr. ERS
Souvenir from Aruba? TAN
Sri Lanka's locale ASIA
Start of a quip by hockey commentator Don Cherry about his autobiography THREEYEARS
String puller USER
Traffic chart GRID
Traitor's name ARNOLD
Trash can, perhaps ICON
Upholstery fabric TOILE
___ even keel ONAN
___ system METRIC
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