How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 06 2018

'Did not need to know that' tmi
'Don't rush in!' oneatatime
'Wide-staring' one in a Wordsworth poem owl
'You got me good!' oof
1960s movie with the tagline 'A man went looking for America. And couldn't find it anywhere' easyrider
Actress Lucy liu
Black piano key gflat
Block between shows ads
Blue-striped ball ten
Champion's accessory belt
Chaser of un trago de tequila agua
Chesterfield, for one coat
City at the foot of the Sierra Nevada reno
Conflict strife
Deal breakers, for short? dea
Dell competitor lenovo
Determines (if) sees
Devices that hurt sales at Kodak digicams
English channel thebeeb
Event in every Summer Olympics since 1900 epee
Follower of John acts
Foul call jeer
Friendly term of address sport
Garden sight gnome
Give for a bit loanout
Have high hopes daretodream
High-end Hyundai azera
Home of the world's busiest airport: Abbr atl
In vestments enrobed
Internal rule bylaw
Kitty-corner things? litterboxes
Lacking in passion tepid
Like some caterpillars woolly
Liquidated soldoff
Lowly worker cog
Main feature of the Gmail logo capitalm
Misanthrope hater
Mocking responses sneers
Moves lightly through the air wafts
National force, informally thefeds
Noted Brit in the news hume
Ohio University player bobcat
One of the initial anchors of CNN's 'American Morning' zahn
Park ranger's weapon dartgun
Places for braces ankles
Popular pricing game on 'The Price Is Right' plinko
Precious chichi
Prelim leadup
Promising rosy
Put in one's sights takeaimat
Recite incant
Response to a joke, maybe lol
Results of some scans pdfs
Rhythmic cadent
Sagal of 'Futurama' katey
Something good for Charlie Brown? grief
Something only I can go on? egotrip
Something that might be replaced during car servicing brakefluid
Sticking point? voodoodoll
Strength rating in video games powerlevel
Tee off enrage
Teeny itsy
Terminals at London Heathrow? zeds
Universal, Sony and Warner majorlabels
What suggestive dialogue may result in tvpg
What you can do to 'Moon River' waltz
Who said 'Revolutions are the locomotives of history' marx
Writing form even more constrained than a tweet haiku
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