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New York Times Jan 04 2015

'Au contraire!' NOTSO
'Candid Camera' feature PRANK
'Delaware Water Gap' painter George INNESS
'Gimme a break!' AWMAN
'Kinderszenen' composer SCHUMANN
'Nobody's infallible, not even me' IMONLYHU
'Ooh-la-la!' SOHOT
'Quo Vadis' character NERO
'Tom ___' (#1 Kingston Trio hit) DOOLEY
'Un Ballo in Maschera' aria ERITU
+ end ANODE
100% guaranteed INTHEBAG
1960s-'80s Pontiac LEMANS
1990s craze MACARENA
37-Across, informally SEZ
Abalone SEAEAR
Academy Award winner who has played both a U.S. president and God MORGANFREE
Application info: Abbr SSN
Award for Hunt and Peck OSCAR
Big Ten rival of UMich OSU
Bothers IRKS
Bygone French coin ECU
Caterer's container URN
Certain weanling FOAL
City burned in Genesis SODOM
Clinches SEWSUP
Cold treat, informally FROYO
College sr.'s test GRE
Conceal, in a way PALM
Container in a 34-Down ALEGLASS
Cover subject on Ms. magazine's debut issue, 1972 WONDERWO
Cry of discovery OHO
Daily newspaper feature, informally XWORD
Deadly viper ADDER
Drug also known as Ecstasy MDMA
Dude BRO
Easily bribed VENAL
Eats up SNARFS
Edward Snowden subj NSA
Entertainment FUN
Enthusiastic, sociable, confident type, it's said LEO
Exclamation repeated in the Monkees' TV theme song HEY
Feature of much modern architecture ASYMMETRY
Foreign policy grp NSC
Fourth word in the 'Star Wars' prologue AGO
Free ad, for short PSA
Friend's couch, perhaps CRASHPAD
Good wood for cabinetmaking ELM
Greeting at the door COMEONIN
Has the ability to CAN
Hesitant start to a question DAREIASK
Hill or dale LANDFORM
Hipster beer, for short PBR
Inability to recall the names of everyday objects ANOMIA
Is a mixologist TENDSBAR
Its drafts may be crafts BREWPUB
Kind of blue OPAL
Kitchen gadget PARER
Kitchen gadget OPENER
Largest state of Brazil AMAZONAS
Leslie of 'Gigi' and 'Lili' CARON
Like smoothie fruit PUREED
Like stereotypical TV neighbors NOSY
Literary genre of 'David Copperfield' or 'Ender's Game' BILDUNGSRO
Long period of stability ending circa A.D. 180 PAXROMANA
Mama ___ CASS
Most IRT lines in the Bronx, e.g ELS
New Jersey town next to Fort Lee LEONIA
Norma Jean, later MARILYN
Novelist Frank who wrote 'The Octopus' NORRIS
Nutty DAFT
One of a Greek trio FURY
Ones holding hands? WRISTS
Org. portrayed in 'American Hustle' FBI
Part of Lawrence Welk's introduction ATWO
Part of U.N.C.F NEGRO
Pioneering urbanologist Jane JACOBS
Place to kick your feet up OTTOMAN
Popular Eastern beverage RICEWINE
President Arthur's nickname CHET
Quick round of tennis ONESET
Rabelaisian EARTHY
Reclined LAIN
Repast for a late riser BRUNCH
Rocker Weymouth of the Talking Heads TINA
Sang like Ella SCATTED
See 52-Down DESOTO
Serenader, maybe BEAU
She, in Brazil ELA
Shooters' org NRA
Signs from above OMENS
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Singer Mann AIMEE
So-called 'herb of remembrance' ROSEMARY
Solid rock center? ASA
Some police attire VESTS
Something a chair has AGENDA
Southern African desert NAMIB
Spanish article LAS
Starters ATEAM
States SAYS
Stuffed Jewish dish KISHKA
Subj. that gets into circulation? ANAT
Substitute SWAP
Suffix with hotel IER
Summers of old? ABACI
Takes on TACKLES
Takes to court ARRAIGNS
The '1' of 1/4 JAN
Thrills ELATES
Title song question in Disney's 'Frozen' DOYOUWANTTOBUILDASNOW
To the same extent ASFAR
Traveling around the holidays, maybe ORDEAL
Tries to win VIES
U.K. record label EMI
Very much EVERSO
Wanders (around) TRAMPS
Water carrier MAIN
Website billed as 'the front page of the Internet' REDDIT
What a hippie lives in? THENOW
What may eat you out of house and home? TERMITES
Where bombs are bursting, per Francis Scott Key INAIR
Window units, briefly ACS
With 126-Across, first European to cross the Mississippi HERNANDO
World-weary BLASE
You can bank on it ATM
You can trip on it LSD
___ algebra LINEAR
___ cotta TERRA
___ favor POR
___ jacket ETON
___ Stark, Oona Chaplin's 'Game of Thrones' role TALISA
___ thruster (NASA system) ION
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