How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 04 1998

'Don't blame ___ voted for...' MEI
'Don't waste your breath!' SAVEIT
'Executives, today's lesson is on jet financing' BUSINESSCLASS
'First I'll read, then watch the movie, then...' FLIGHTPLAN
'Follow orders in this plane area or else!' CABINPRESSURE
'Hey, babe, wanna sit with me on the plane?' BOARDINGPASS
'I'm an unattractive woman who'll gab the whole trip' CARRYONBAG
'Indeed!' DOSAY
'Mulholland Falls' actor NOLTE
'My suitcase is better than yours' BAGGAGECLAIM
'Prepare to do a spoof on airports' READYFORTAKEOFF
'Shane' man LADD
'What's that knitter doing during air turbulence?' HOLDINGPATTERN
'Wheel of Fortune' buy ANI
'While we're in the air, write an essay on aviation' SEATASSIGNMENT.
'Wild!' to a dude RAD
'___ out!' (ump's cry) YER
1997 Rose Bowl winner: Abbr. OSU
50% of Bonn ENS
Accused's retort LIES
Airport monitor abbr. ETA
American finch JUNCO
Among, in poetry MID
Aria area OPERA
Assemblage CONGERIES
Astonish AWE
Bad-mouth DIS
Bank deals LOANS
Basic sugar SUCROSE
Beeish APIAN
Bums steers? RUSTLES
Burden TAX
Bush, for one ELI
Canaanite deity BAAL
Change for a dol. CTS
Chow ___ MEIN
Computer game pioneer ATARI
Contest VIE
Convention site HALL
Court huddle SIDEBAR
Cross letters INRI
Darts' places PUBS
Deanna of 'Star Trek: T.N.G.' TROI
Discontinued, with 'out' PHASED
Diving bird GREBE
Doha's land QATAR
Examine closely DISSECT
Fen-___ (diet drug combo) PHEN
First name in horror LON
Fishing luck BITE
Found groovy DUG
French toast SALUT
Game for two of four SEMI
Gillette brand ATRA
Gold braid ORRIS
Greek letters XIS
Harassing RIDING
Hardships RIGORS
He's well-sooted for the job CHARMAN
Home of the Cyclones AMES
Housekeeping MENAGE
Hydroxyl-carbon compound ENOL
Ice cream brand EDYS
It's 'here' in Le Havre ICI
Jet's home HANGAR
Jets, e.g. TEAM
Joy of wild animals? ADAMSON
Lake near Jacobs Field ERIE
Landing ___ GEAR
Lass GAL
Last in line, usually NTH
Lichtenstein, for one ROY
Lions and tigers and bears, e.g. BEASTS
Manor near Twelve Oaks TARA
Mayo, for one MES
Middling SOSO
Mine, in Amiens AMOI
Most volatile emotionally MOODIEST
N.F.L. sacker Bryce ___ PAUP
Nods, perhaps BIDS
North Pole family CLAUSES
Not spec. GEN.
Not spec. GEN
Old French coin ECU
One of the clan NIECE
One telephone button STAR
Part of a Latin trio AMAT
Pick-me-up LIFT
Pilot's wear HEADSET
Pitches ADS
Place LIEU
Poe's '___ Lee' ANNABEL
Pollen, e.g. ALLERGEN
Porch with a view LANAI
Pre-weekend cry TGIF
Prefix with biology EXO
Psychoanalyst Karen HORNEY
Put into motion ACTUATE
Rhyme scheme ABBA
River name meaning 'where the goods are brought in' POTOMAC
Roman called 'The Elder' CATO
Secy. ASST
See 64-Across HALF
Sen. Cochran THAD
Sine ___ non QUA
Siouan speaker OTOE
Small English coins TUPPENCES
Small pouch SAC
Some M.I.T. grads EES
Spanish article UNA
Spills the beans BLABS
Split RIVE
Spree JAG
Stewpot OLLA
Still YET
Teller RAT
They're missing from a roll ABSENTEES
Through working: Abbr. RET
Tom Joad, e.g. OKIE
Trackers, e.g. GEOS
Transport to ecstasy ENRAVISH
Treatment USAGE
Trees, e.g. SHADERS
Twice 79-Down ONE
Used a thurible CENSED
Veto NIX
Wash against LAPAT
Watch chain FOB
Womb-related UTERINE
Years of Nero's reign ANNI
Zeit or polter follower GEIST
___ condolence NOTEOF
___ d'Orléans ILE
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