How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 03 2016

'I hate when that happens!' RATS
'Sounds likely to me' IDBET
'The Undiscovered Self' author CARLJG
'Vous êtes ___' ICI
'Who is John ___?' (question in 'Atlas Shrugged') GALT
'You're missing a comma' and others NITS
2001 foreign film with five Oscar nominations AMELIE
Accepted, as an offer TAKENUP
Alternative to Facebook Messenger GCHAT
Available ONHAND
Band that doesn't play much music nowadays AMRADIO
Barber's supply TALC
Battery parts TESTS
Beckons through a portal WELCOMESIN
Besprinkle, say WET
Big lipstick seller SHORA
Blowout, in sports lingo SLAHTER
Blues musician known as Sleepy John ESTES
Boil down DECO
Boom box pair TAPEDKS
Box in an arena? AMP
Breathe in ASPIRATE
Brief race, in brief ONEK
Capital of Gambia BANJ
Cartoon exclamation DOH
Certain tablet IPAD
Chippendales dancer, e.g ADONIS
Church book PSALTER
Colorful gem OPAL
Common gas station attachment MINIMT
Concupiscence LIBIDO
Convince WINER
Cousin of a foil EPEE
Cut over, in a way RESAW
Daniel ___ Kim, 'Hawaii Five-0' actor DAE
Dark horses BAYS
Divisions politiques ETATS
Doctor's recommendation DOSE
Dollar competitor ALAMO
Drive off DISPEL
Dry (off) TOWEL
Emanation from a pen OINK
Ending with Cine- RAMA
Exceptionally well behaved ANGELIC
Fig. often discounted MSRP
For whom products are designed ENDUSERS
Golden Bears' sch CAL
Green grp EPA
Gum arabic source ACACIA
Guy's thanks? MERCI
Handle BEAR
Horatian work EPODE
Hosp. readouts EKGS
How curry is often served ONRICE
How silverware is often sold ASASET
Icy remark? BRRR
If everything fails ATWORST
It splits the uprights CROSSBAR
Item in a tent COT
Just above where 35-Across end KNEE
Kentucky Derby drinks JEPS
Keystone Kops-like scene MHEM
Kind of orchard AICOT
Kind of professor ADJCT
Lack of influence NOSAY
Language of Afghanistan PASHTO
Licorice flavor ANISE
Like HBO and Showtime vis-à-vis basic cable EDGIER
Like some building damage STRUCTURAL
Looked (in) PEERED
Lover boys CASANAS
Low points VALLEYS
Malicious computer programs TROJS
McKellen of 'The Hobbit' IAN
Memorable 2011 hurricane IRENE
Mint roll CERTS
More ___ enough THAN
Most lipstick options REDS
Mural's beginning? INTRA
No longer wanted CAHT
Oakland's county ALAMEDA
One having a simple existence AMOEBA
One helping with servings DIETITIAN
One in the closet HANGER
One of the Obamas SASHA
Ones up in arms? ULNAS
Opted for CHOSE
Orch. section STRS
Paramecium propellers CILIA
Passing mention? OBIT
Pointer's request? THAT
Power, so to speak OCTANE
Pre-curve figure RAWSCORE
Publisher of Champion magazine, for short NCAA
Radishes with long white roots DAIKONS
Rathskeller decoration BEERSTEIN
Remained in inventory SAT
Running a high temperature FRILE
Rural community AMISH
Setting for van Gogh's 'River Bank in Springtime' SEINE
Setting not actually found in 'Romeo and Juliet' BALCONY
Short pants CAIS
Singer with the 2012 #1 hit 'Somebody That I Used to Know' GOTYE
Sole representatives, maybe TOKENS
Some desktops IMACS
Some premium seating LOGES
Some protective barriers REEFS
Something people do not want to see outside, for short PDA
Something you can believe in DORINE
Sonny LAD
Spring forecast SHOWER
Staples Center athlete LAKER
Sterile ASTIC
Stinks ODORS
Suffix with conspirator IAL
Suggest HINTAT
Supreme Court justice who once said 'I am a New Yorker, and 7 a.m. is a civilized hour to finish the day, not to start it' SOTOMOR
Tap things? ALES
They were wiped off the map in '91 SSRS
To land ASHORE
Together again REUNITED
Town: Ger STADT
Turkish inn IMET
Unable to do well BADAT
Was behind a register, maybe CLERKED
What keys on a key ring do JGLE
Word often seen in brackets SIC
Young ___ UNS
Your of yore THY
___ Accords OSLO
___ Reader UTNE
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