How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 01 2019

'Hmm, I don't know' gee
'I ___ it!' get
'Now!' pronto
'You're ___ to talk!' one
'___ a little!' live
A, in Munich ein
Athletic award espy
Barely adequate ... or what the starts of 17-, 26-, 37- and 50-Across are passable
Beehive and bouffant dos
Big tub vat
Blood fluid serum
Break in the workday lunch
By way of via
Cable news host Velshi ali
Call from a chair umpire let
Calligrapher's tool pen
Car radio button preset
Cash in redeem
Caught a bite ate
Child's plea cani
Chocolate kiss wrap foil
Cocktail hour nosh canape
Couple that might be snapped by paparazzi item
Darth Vader's nickname as a boy ani
Defeat decisively thrash
Develop gradually evolve
Famous collie of radio, TV and film lassie
First victim of sibling rivalry abel
Go off on tangents ramble
Gordon ___, lead role in 'Wall Street' gekko
Greed or gluttony sin
Hammond ___, writer of 'The Wreck of the Mary Deare' innes
Hard-to-explain skill, for short esp
Horror-struck aghast
Inflated self-image ego
Its lyrics tell of unrequited love torchsong
Kids teases
League that used a red, white and blue ball, for short aba
Leap day baby, astrologically pisces
Literary last words epilog
Mobile device download app
Moe, Larry or Curly stooge
Music staff notation timesignature
Neither a liquid nor a solid gas
Number of batters in a lineup nine
Nuts containing caffeine kolas
Out of commission inactive
Pitch to the head, informally beaner
Popular perfume tabu
Provoke incite
Push shove
Quick appraisal onceover
Ranee's wrap saree
Reason to get braces buckteeth
Savory taste umami
Shiver from fear tremble
Short of money shy
Similar alike
Slithering killer asp
Smart bright
Someone who likes to see many raised hands teacher
Somewhere across the ocean abroad
Spanish food served on small plates tapas
Tee box sign info par
Telescope part lens
Things to stop and smell roses
Three goals in a single game hattrick
Tolkien creature hobbit
Total entire
Transmitter of freckles or blond hair gene
Turkey ___ king ala
Vehicle with a meter cab
Watergate hearings chair Sam ervin
What's shaped at the gym, informally bod
Wild savage
___ close to call too
___ Newton (cookie) fig
___-Caps sno
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