How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 01 2012

'1984' superstate EURASIA
'A Love Like ___' (Barbra Streisand album) OURS
'Come ___?' AGAIN
'I think,' to texters IMO
'Philadelphia' director DEMME
'Praying' part of a praying mantis FORELEG
'The Big Bang Theory' network CBS
'The Big Sleep' co-star, 1946 BOGART
'What a load of hogwash!' PSHAW
'You don't have to be busy to look busy,' e.g.? OFFICEMAXIM
'___ got a feeling ...' IVE
'___ hath an enemy called Ignorance': Ben Jonson ART
1988 Summer Olympics site SEOUL
Ability to identify Zener cards ESP
About ready to drop BEAT
Antipasto tidbit OLIVE
Arles affirmative OUI
Bad experience BUMMER
Badly made CRUDDY
Behaved ACTED
Best-selling author who wrote 'I did not write it. God wrote it. I merely did his dictation' STOWE
Big name in champagne MUMM
Bring in EARN
Brouhahas TODOS
Camper's canful STERNO
Candy eaten in handfuls MANDMS
Ceiling CAP
Chinese zodiac animal PIG
Conjecture POSIT
Cowlick fixer GEL
Creamy Italian side dish POLENTA
Crosswise to the keel ABEAM
Cut-rate CHEAPO
Deleting XINGOUT
Desperately want ACHEFOR
Dessert delivered over the Internet? PIEALAMODEM
Diamonds, to a yegg ICE
Downswing SAG
Easily drawn gun SIDEARM
Einstein's birthplace ULM
Empire State Building climber, for short KONG
End of many a list ETAL
Ennui among quantum physicists? PARTICLEBOREDOM
Fierce, as an argument HEATED
Fill, and then some FLOOD
Food preserver SARAN
Funny Boosler ELAYNE
Garden spot ARBOR
Go all to pieces BREAK
Go downhill WORSEN
Go on a shopping spree SPEND
Go to the tape? RACE
Great time EON
Greenish blue TEAL
Handbag monogram YSL
Having the knack ABLE
Heist planner's concern GETAWAY
Hides in the shadows SKULKS
High-mounted window you can't stop looking at? HYPNOTICTRANSOM
History topic ERA
Holds under the tap RINSES
Homme's partner FEMME
Hosp. diagnostic aid MRI
If everything goes your way ATBEST
In olden times OFYORE
Inhuman group of golfers? BRUTEFOURSOME
Injury symptom SHOCK
It's good in Italy BUONO
Jimi Hendrix's debut single HEYJOE
Jungle king's jeans and overalls? THELIONSDENIM
Kick out AXE
Knocked on the noggin BEANED
Lacking a coat, maybe SHORN
Lash of old westerns LARUE
Late sixth-century year DXCV
Leaning BIASED
Like three of golf's four majors PROAM
Looked intently PEERED
Low-pH compound ACID
Many college profs PHDS
Master MAVEN
Monster of Jewish folklore GOLEM
NATO alphabet vowel OSCAR
Negative conjunction NOR
One of the music industry's Big Four EMI
One taking a bow in Japan OBI
Onetime first name in Israeli politics GOLDA
Pac-12 athlete UTE
Pal of Huck Finn JIM
Part of a watch touching the breastbone? STEMTOSTERNUM
Pill that relieves computer-related anxiety? SILICONVALIUM
Pixar title character NEMO
Pool ball's 'Watch this!' comment? SEEIFICAROM
R. J. Reynolds brand DORAL
Rainy day planner? NOAH
Rare craps roll TWELVE
Reception room in a mansion SALON
Reed of rock LOU
Refuse to release SITON
Resisted a job offer, say STAYED
Restaurant greeter's option EATIN
Sample TRY
Sandwich choice, for short PBJ
Savings plan, briefly IRA
Says no to VETOES
Sends up MOCKS
Set out DEPART
Sharp nails TALONS
She's entertaining HOSTESS
Smoke CIG
Smoothie ingredient FRUIT
Sort who's a natural leader, supposedly LEO
Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Century ALI
Square UNHIP
Squished bug, e.g BLOB
Steely Dan album featuring 'Deacon Blues' AJA
Stray from righteousness SIN
Strong winds GALES
Sultan's wife, perhaps? HEADOFHAREM
Swirly marbles AGATES
Thank you for waiting TIP
The Big Board, for short NYSE
They're exchanged in France ADIEUS
They're heavy during storms SEAS
Thin blue line? VEIN
Through VIA
Travel by car MOTOR
Traveled by bus RODE
Twelve Oaks neighbor TARA
Weather Channel newsmaker ELNINO
Wedding part VOW
What's in an Rx MED
When doubled, ardent RAH
Wicked ones FIENDS
Words to live by CREDO
[I'm so funny!] LOL
___ de vie EAU
___ Quijano (Don Quixote's real name) ALONSO
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