How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 25 2003

'Dear' advice-giver ABBY
'Get lost!' SHOO
Academic enclave IVORYTOWER
Actress Judith IVEY
Advertising lure NEONSIGN
Aesop's also-ran HARE
Air France locale ORLY
Algonquian language CREE
Antismoking aid PATCH
Appended ADDEDON
Barnyard male TOM
Bee's bundle POLLEN
Big Board initials NYSE
Break in the action LULL
Column crossers ROWS
Combat area WARZONE
Cowgirl Evans DALE
Diamond ___ LIL
Dove's opposite HAWK
Downwind, at sea ALEE
Ed.'s pile MSS
Fancy marbles TAWS
Five Pillars of ___ ISLAM
Full of good cheer MERRY
Go over SPAN
Goes bad ROTS
Heavenly circle HALO
Impact sounds THUDS
Inherently PERSE
Ink stains BLOTS
It may bring you back to reality COLDSHOWER
Kick out EVICT
Laker star Shaquille ONEAL
Lena of 'Havana' OLIN
Lifers, e.g. FELONS
Like heaven's gates PEARLY
Loud enough to hear AUDIBLE
NBC weekend comedy, briefly SNL
Nonmixer at a mixer WALLFLOWER
Not prerecorded LIVE
Not the main office BRANCH
OPEC units: Abbr. BBLS
Opposite of spicy BLAND
Pail problem HOLE
Parisian palace ELYSEE
Part of a lemon PEEL
Part of WWW WEB
Picked out CHOSE
Pickle brand VLASIC
President whose grandson wed a president's daughter EISENHOWER
Prez's backup VEEP
Queried ASKED
Replay option SLOMO
Result of a flea, maybe ITCH
Running things INPOWER
Sailor's hail AHOY
Say coquettishly PURR
Scarlett of Tara OHARA
Scrabble or Boggle WORDGAME
Sentry's command HALT
Splinter group SECT
Spot for a spanking REAR
Thoroughly thumps BEATS
Tobacco wad CHAW
Trattoria topping PESTO
Undersized PUNY
Understands GETS
Warning wail SIREN
Warts and all ASIS
Water pitcher EWER
___-Locka, Fla. OPA
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