How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 24 2019

'Crazy Rich Asians' actress whose stage name puns on a bottled water brand awkwafina
'How fancy!' oolala
'How lucky was that?' ... or a hint to the answers to the starred clues whataretheodds
'I dare you!' doit
'Jeez, that's hot!' yeow
'Later, luv!' tata
'No, you shouldn't have' tsk
'To the Lighthouse' novelist woolf
'You got it, boss man!' yessir
*Allen Ginsberg, e.g protestpoet
*Bottom-of-page design choice footnotefont
*Has little excitement for isnottoointo
*Likely inexpensive place to get one's hair done smalltownsalon
*Posting that blows in the wind swingingsign
*Source of call-ups, in baseball lingo thefarmteam
*Tourist activity in northern Scandinavia reindeerride
1400 twopm
A.F.L. partner cio
Abundant rife
Actor Cariou len
Alternative to .net org
Alternatives to nets snares
Analytics fodder data
Arab country expelled from the Arab League in 2011 syria
Art studio prop easel
Auctioneer's cry sold
Away from the wind leeward
Baby beavers kits
Backpack filler gear
Bank offerings, for short cds
Baton Rouge sch lsu
Beginning onset
Bird akin to the nene? dodo
Bit of hair strand
Bled ran
Boston's Mass ___ ave
Brownish tint sepia
Bullies cows
Calendar column: Abbr tue
Challenge for a stain remover ink
Charging station for a smartphone cradle
Chemistry unit: Abbr mol
Chinese dynasty ended by Kublai Khan song
Clumsily drop fumble
Converted splits spares
Counterpart of local channels nationaltv
Cry like a baby mewl
Curry go-with naan
Documents that name executors wills
Don who won an Oscar for 'Cocoon' ameche
Dreadfully slow draggy
During the time that whilst
En ___ (chess move) passant
End a lawsuit, say settle
Erase wipe
Fashion line hem
Fashion model Marcille eva
Feature of a Welsh accent lilt
Final: Abbr ult
Finished over
Florentine : spinach :: lyonnaise : ___ onions
Get to the bottom of plumb
Get Wired again, say renew
Governing org. of soccer fifa
Grate on annoy
Green, in a way solar
Holiday marking the end of Ramadan eid
Hotel visit stay
Howe nicknamed 'Mr. Hockey' gordie
HuffPo purchaser in 2011 aol
Hula dancer's adornment lei
Infrequently notoften
Iniquity site den
It's groovy screw
Jargons lingos
Jolly time yule
Knocking out of place dislodging
Like a set of measuring cups, typically nested
Like a tidied-up room, now neater
List in the credits roles
Lockup, to Sherlock gaol
Make a quick move dart
Make easier to eat, as an infant's food prechew
Man guy
Men gents
Mini maker bmw
Mini, for one ipod
Mother ___ teresa
Multidecker sandwich club
Musical ___ chairs
Nettie's sister in 'The Color Purple' celie
Not to be seen or heard by children rrated
Odyssey voyage
Oink-filled pen pigsty
On the same wavelength attuned
One of South Africa's capitals pretoria
Opus ___ dei
Part of a trunk waist
Part of N.B bene
Pb lead
Place for a bouquet urn
Popular Japanese manga series with a schoolgirl heroine sailormoon
Pranks, in a way, informally tps
Prefix with culture agri
Rapper ___ Yachty lil
Reaction of shock gasp
Restrict with a string tieoff
Role in 'Our Gang' or 'Queen Sugar' darla
Scarecrow portrayer Ray bolger
Sci-fi saucers ufos
Seated yoga pose lotus
Serenaded sangto
Seriously worry losesleep
Solo partner chewbacca
Some Spanish babysitters tias
Spanish muralist José María ___ sert
Speak indistinctly slur
Sports rival of Union College, for short rpi
Springs for a vacation? spa
Stack at Starbucks lids
Subject of many conspiracy theories illuminati
Swatting sound whap
Tater spud
The Sun Devils, for short asu
To be abroad? etre
Tower construction material ivory
Tree resin used in fragrances balsam
U.F.C. fighting style mma
Villain's hideout lair
Virgil described its eruption in the 'Aeneid' etna
Wearers of striped shirts refs
Wee devil imp
Well-being ease
What the Joneses may elicit envy
Winter Olympics host before Salt Lake City nagano
Word cried before and after 'all' lies
Word that follows 'standard' and means something nonstandard deviation
Worker often found on hands and knees mason
___ milk ewes
___-Magnon man cro
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