How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 24 2002

'Excuse me ...' AHEM
'It Had to Be You' composer ___ Jones ISHAM
'Let's just leave ___ that' ITAT
'My Cousin Vinny' star PESCI
'The Sultan of Sulu' writer ADE
'___ a Man' (Calder Willingham novel and play) ENDAS
'___ talk?' CANWE
1984 Paul McCartney hit SOBAD
Advil rival ALEVE
Ancient Balkan region THRACE
And others: Abbr. ETAL
Atlanta train system MARTA
Attach, as a patch SEWON
Bender at the bar ELBOW
Big time ERA
Black, as the night sky STARLESS
Bring into play USE
Broom-___ (comics witch) HILDA
Bush outing SAFARI
Cohort of Larry and Curly MOE
Constellation next to the Giraffe GREATBEAR
Counter OPPOSE
Counterfeiters' counters TMEN
Court wear SNEAKER
Critical hosp. areas ICUS
Decide on ELECT
Didactyl TWOTOED
Dins of hail PITAPATS
Donizetti's Lammermoor bride LUCIA
Draft selection ALE
Economical LOWPRICED
Educational milieu ACADEMIA
Encouraging word AMEN
Esther with home-maid roles ROLLE
Evidence of computer tampering? NUMERICKEYPAWED
Exercise based on karate TAEBO
Exercise target FLAB
Field for an engr. MECH
Five-time All-Pro QB Luckman SID
For one APOP
Former Celtic star's recent recipe? BIRDSNEWESTSOUP
Frogner Park's home OSLO
Garbage hauler SCOW
Get together UNITE
Give a piece of one's mind LACEINTO
Giving the go-ahead OKING
Glossy brown fur OTTER
Hero's love LEANDER
Holiday party, say SOIREE
Hurricane sound ROAR
Illegal parker's concern TOWER
Island crossed by the Equator SUMATRA
It may be thrown in a ring LASSO
Jet set SSTS
Job that helps ease friction LUBE
Kind of farmer TENANT
La ___ SCALA
Light dish at a Halloween party? COBWEBSALAD
Like a wake ASTERN
Look closely PEER
Main part of an order ENTREE
Many a leg's end CUFF
Marinate SOAK
Mice catchers OWLS
Mineral used for insulation MICA
Musical Shaw ARTIE
Nonsense BUSHWA
Not fold STAYIN
Object of incense burning, maybe IDOL
Obstinate reply IWONT
Ordinary guy NONHERO
Out of whack AMISS
Outlay COST
Parcel METE
Part of P.S.T.: Abbr. STD
Pete's follower SAKE
Pitcher EWER
Poet Van Duyn MONA
Pops for tots DADAS
Prince in 'The Prince and the Pauper' EDWARD
Professorish news anchor? TWEEDKOPPEL
Psychic's forte ESP
Puddle cause LEAK
Puffed up SWOLLEN
Quiet MUTE
Recount TELL
Reo competitor ESSEX
Ring org. WBA
Round table FORUM
Sausalito's county MARIN
Scatter STREW
Shakespearean exclamation before 'unreverend tongue!' FIEFIE
She may be under loch and quay NESSIE
Singer Cara IRENE
Singer Clark PETULA
Skye cap TAM
Société des ___ AMIS
Some film shots ... or reactions PANS
Some fine how-do-you-dos HIS
Son of Judah ONAN
Staying power STAMINA
Stir-fryer WOK
Strike from a list XOUT
The yoke's on them OXEN
Theologian Kierkegaard SOREN
They may be heaved SIGHS
Thinking about destructive insects? WEEVILMINDED
Thomas of 'That Girl' MARLO
Three-footer? TRIPOD
Timetables, for short SKEDS
Trackers' clues SCENTS
U.S. bullion site FTKNOX
Undivided ONE
Very much DEARLY
Waikiki sights WAHINES
Waste watchers: Abbr. EPA
Watch word? TICK
Weekend show, for short SNL
Whence the word 'Sabbath' HEBREW
Where Hickam Air Force Base is HAWAII
Where Jacques studies ECOLE
Whitman's 'A Backward Glance ___ Travel'd Roads' OER
Wise guy SWAMI
Without a stitch NAKED
X rating? TEN
___ Lingus AER
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