How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 23 2003

'Barnaby Jones' star EBSEN
'Crooklyn' actress Woodard ALFRE
'Star Wars' droid ARTOO
'The Iceman Cometh' playwright ONEILL
'Waiting for Lefty' playwright ODETS
'You got it' NOPROB
A heap REAMS
Alts. HTS
Attacker FOE
Author Harper LEE
Automaker Louis RENAULT
Barrie bad guy SMEE
Between, in Orléans ENTRE
Bibliog. info AUTH
Birdbrain IDIOT
Bit of a stink TRACEODOR
Blue-green TEAL
Booming orators STENTORS
Box office sign SRO
Brew ALE
British Labor prime minister ATTLEE
Business letter abbr. ATTN
Chantilly product LACE
Chaplin née 39-Down OONA
Computer user's shortcut HOTKEY
Concrete REAL
Copperfield's bride DORA
Cracks up SLAYS
Criticize a big flop? ROASTTURKEY
Criticize a hit miniseries? PUTDOWNROOTS
Criticize a pitcher? FLAMETHROWER
Criticize a Yankee? PANAMERICAN
Criticize angry bulls? RIPSNORTERS
Criticize creative types? RAPARTISTS
Criticize links? KNOCKWURST
Criticize movers and shakers? SLAMDANCERS
D-Day time HHOUR
Draped garment TOGA
Drop one's guns DISARM
Dutch city EDE
Eagle's nest AERIE
Election data RETURNS
Experiences HAS
Experiences dizziness SEESSTARS
Fishing gear RODS
Flower named for a tragic figure in Greek myth HYACINTH
Folies-Bergère designer ERTE
French wine region ALSACE
Gambling game BEANO
Geneses ONSETS
Gentle sound COO
Geometric fig. CIR
Gives the once-over SCANS
Gothic author Radcliffe ANN
Grant of 'Notorious' CARY
Granting grp. NEA
Hair feature BRAID
If need be INAPINCH
Infant's illness COLIC
Jungian 'self' ANIMA
Kind of chop KARATE
Language in which 'kemosabe' means 'white shirt' APACHE
Lead-in to nose or hair BYA
Losers' count CALORIES
Lowlands SWALES
Magazine genre MENS
Make believe PLAYACT
Make more powerful, with 'up' SOUP
Many solvers do it here START
Mideast V.I.P. SULTAN
Mil. authority CMD
Mom's specialty, briefly TLC
More than you'd like TOOOFTEN
Move away RECEDE
Naturally-lit room SUNPORCH
Neighbor of Fiji TONGA
Nerve ending RECEPTOR
New Jersey's state tree REDOAK
No-goodnik RAT
Not aboveboard CROOKED
Obi-Wan ___ KENOBI
One of the Clanton boys IKE
Opposite of misses: Abbr. MESSRS
Order in the court WRIT
Oscar winner Berry HALLE
Parent, e.g. REARER
Passel LOAD
Paucity of pep ANEMIA
Pelvic parts ILIA
Percussion cap DETONATOR
Pick-up expert? KLEPTO
Pique SNIT
Pitch TAR
Pontiac, e.g. OTTAWA
Prefix with logical ECO
Pricing word PER
Pro ___ (acting) TEM
QB's misfire: Abbr. INT
Quick to yield SOFT
Raiders' grp. FBI
Residents: Suffix ITES
Rock music subgenre METAL
Roll call absentee AWOL
Sartre novel NAUSEA
Security system part SENSOR
Shady spot ARBOR
Sierra Club founder John MUIR
Signs of life BREATHS
Slang for 55-Across TEXASTEA
Slick stuff OIL
So far YET
Soldier in Uris's 'Battle Cry' MARINE
Spare carrier TRUNK
Stock unit: Abbr. SHR
Straight TRUE
Straw hat BOATER
Suckers SAPS
Suffix with bull ISH
Swedish flier SAS
Tool next to a shovel, maybe POKER
Travel guide? TIMETABLE
Troupe grp. USO
VCR button REW
Where pirates prey OPENSEA
Whirlybird whirlers ROTORS
Wild about INTO
Worrier's worry ULCER
Zagreb native CROAT
___ de soie (silk cloth) PEAU
___ favor POR
___ Saud (former Saudi king) IBN
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