How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 21 2010

'Big Love' setting UTAH
'I cannot tell a ___' LIE
'My bad,' for one APOLOGY
'My ___' (Clinton autobiography) LIFE
'Shall We Dance' dancer ASTAIRE
'There is no greater ___ than bearing an untold story inside you': Maya Angelou AGONY
'Washington Week' airer PBS
'Whew!' BOY
'You ___ kidding!' WERENT
'___ and Prosperity' (Eisenhower slogan) PEACE
'___ directed' USEAS
1963 Audrey Hepburn thriller CHARADE
A fist might represent A or S in it: Abbr. ASL
A Jackson TITO
Accumulate AMASS
Accumulated, as debts RANUP
Admitted to the foyer SAWIN
Anatomical pouch / Run on TV / Consume / Feel sick / Oral history SACAIREATAILLORE
Appropriately named monthly of the National Puzzlers' League, with 'The' ENIGMA
Asian observance TET
Bar activity KARAOKE
Barrel of laughs RIOT
Bear, in Baja OSO
Birth mo. for Coolidge, Ford and G. W. Bush JUL
Blank space LACUNA
Blue Bonnet, e.g. OLEO
Blue Cross competitor AETNA
Brother of Prometheus ATLAS
Cable channel USA
Charged bit ION
Christmas season / Greet a villain / Speak aloud / Query / Monthly payment YULEHISSSAYASKRENT
Contraction before 'now' EEN
Corporate department SALES
Cracker seed SESAME
Crate part SLAT
Cry accompanying a head slap DOH
Cry after discovering the furniture's been chewed, maybe BADDOG
Cupid's teammate COMET
Dairy Queen order SPLIT
Early: Prefix PALEO
Egg foo yung and others OMELETS
Eggs OVA
Emulates a rhabdomantist DOWSES
Entanglement SKEIN
Equivalent to F ESHARP
F.D.R.'s mother SARA
Former Mississippi senator LOTT
Former part of the British Airways fleet, for short SST
Forum wear SANDAL
Forward, in 7-Down AVANTI
Fraternity hopeful RUSHEE
French article UNE
Fresh start, metaphorically NEWLEAF
Friend of Pooh OWL
Ga. neighbor FLA
Grayish DRAB
Grooming brand ATRA
Hannibal Lecter, e.g. SADIST
Holder of the alphabet OUIJA
Ice skate part LACING
Indian tea CHAI
Inlet RIA
It may be made into a meal OAT
Its national anthem is 'La Dessalinienne' HAITI
Japanese tie OBI
Joins the team SIGNSON
Kona keepsake LEI
Law school newcomers ONELS
Least smart / Kitchen worker / Towel word / ___ Fein DUMBESTCHEFHERSSINN
Mamet play revived on Broadway in 2009 OLEANNA
McSorley's Old ___ House, New York landmark since 1854 ALE
Memento of an old flame? ASH
Mens ___ (guilty mind) REA
Mideast inits. UAE
More run-down SEEDIER
Most shaggy / Hotel offering / Actress Goldie HAIRIESTROOMHAWN
Music genre that often includes an accordion TEJANO
Neighbor of Braz. BOL
Never, in Berlin NIE
North Carolina county ASHE
Not in any way NOHOW
Obama economic adviser Summers LAWRENCE
Ones near bases UMPS
Org. for Jimmy Carter, once USN
Peloponnesian power SPARTA
Periodic table fig. ATNO
Pickup capacity, sometimes ONETON
Playable character in Guitar Hero III SLASH
Playwright Fugard ATHOL
Prado displays ARTE
Pretend to be POSEAS
Rampaging, after 'on' ATEAR
Ready for bed TIRED
Regarded to be SEENAS
Robert Ripley's specialty ODDITIES
Roman goddess of agriculture CERES
Satirize SENDUP
Satyajit Ray's 'The ___ Trilogy' APU
Science of duplicating nature BIONICS
Scottish refusals NAES
See 2-Down ITALY
Setter sitter? KENNEL
Sharpened WHETTED
Shortcuts for ships CANALS
Skywalker's friend KENOBI
Son - or father - of Henry EDSEL
Stretch, in a way CRANE
Surfer's place THEWEB
The 'A' of James A. Garfield ABRAM
Thin wedge SHIM
Three-time Masters champ SNEAD
Topnotch SUPERB
Traffic warning SLO
Trash / Victories / 'Get it?' / Do some math / Runs smoothly JUNKWINSSEEADDHUMS
Trusted one PAL
U.S.S.R. member: Abbr. UKR
Unbiased NOSPIN
Union, of a sort WEDLOCK
Untouched ASIS
W.W. II threats UBOATS
Washington and ___ University LEE
Watered down WEAK
What you'll get if you read aloud 23-, 44-, 67-, 86- or 113-Across UNITEDSTATESPRESIDENT
What's represented by x2 = 4py PARABOLA
Where 67-Across's face appears NICKEL
World Series manager of 1981 and '88 LASORDA
Yanks and others ALERS
___ Accords of 1993 OSLO
___ high ONA
___ kwon do TAE
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