How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 20 2019

'Act like you're supposed to!' behave
'Brokeback Mountain' director Lee ang
'Can I get you ___?' anything
'Not so!' itsalie
*Duo of magicians who are the longest-running headliners in Las Vegas history pennandteller
*Eponymous founders of a Massachusetts-based firearms manufacturer smithandwesson
*Instructions for premade dinner rolls brownandserve
*Latin American side dish that combines two food staples riceandbeans
*Noble couple dukeandduchess
*Title pair in a 2004-07 Nickelodeon sitcom drakeandjosh
Almond-flavored liqueur amaretto
Ancient kingdom in modern-day Jordan edom
Barbershop quartet voice tenor
Bath tissue layer ply
Bit of pond scum alga
Brooks with Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards mel
Caravan animals camels
Casino patron bettor
Come through in the ___ clutch
Completely mistaken allwet
Cool, in dated slang hep
Cotton gin inventor Whitney eli
Cut the lawn mowed
Earth Day's mo apr
Election day in the U.S.: Abbr tues
Employer of a masseur spa
Enter to steal from burgle
Extended family clan
Fills a cargo hold lades
Gave out hands dealt
Have the wheel steer
Hi-___ monitor res
Holier-___-thou than
Hootenanny instrument banjo
I.C.U. drippers ivs
Insurance giant based in Hartford aetna
Items scattered on bridal paths petals
Johnny of 2005's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' depp
Language of 15-Across 4-Down latin
Mark ___, longtime game show partner of Bill Todman goodson
Modifier for 'film' or 'pinot' noir
One of 100 in D.C.: Abbr sen
P.M. who inspired a 1960s jacket nehru
Part to play role
Partiality bias
Pilgrimage to Mecca hadj
Positive kind of attitude cando
Practically an eternity eons
Prefix meaning 'within' endo
Rankle irk
Rigel or Spica, by spectral type bstar
School founded by Henry VI eton
School support grps ptas
See 15-Across annum
See 25-Across mojo
Set aside for later table
Shakes one's booty twerks
Sleeps in a tent, say camps
Sn, to chemists tin
Sock tip toe
Sound of contemptuous disapproval hiss
Supplement addto
Trilogy of tragedies by Aeschylus oresteia
Try to hit, as a fly swatat
Unaffiliated voters: Abbr inds
Unnervingly strange eerie
Upbraid scold
URL ending associated with the beginnings of the answers to the six starred clues edu
With 38-Across, hex that's hard to shake bad
With 4-Down, each year per
Word of caution caveat
Workplaces for scrub nurses, for short ors
Wrestling combos tagteams
___ male alpha
___-pitch softball slo
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