How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 20 1999

'Doe, ___...' (song lyric) ADEER
'Hooray for me!' TADA
'Uh-uh' NAH
1957 Lancaster role EARP
Actress Susan ANTON
Agile equine POLOPONY
Ball's partner ARNAZ
Big bill CNOTE
Bristle: Prefix SETI
Cath. or Hind., e.g. REL
Cheerless DISMAL
City ___ DESK
Clemson athlete TIGER
Declining currency RUBLE
E.R. technique CPR
Extremists ZEALOTS
Fade away EVANESCE
Financial FISCAL
Fish also called 'blue jack' COHO
Frame insert LENS
Fruit drink ADE
Garbage pail, maybe ICON
High-powered language? EMAIL
Increase ACCRUAL
Industry magnate CZAR
It's sometimes passed HAT
Jazz composer Guaraldi VINCE
Kind of club OFFICERS
Large number HERD
Less forgiving STRICTER
Like some gasolines ANTIKNOCK
Lot to ask TALLORDER
Maria lead-in TIA
Mellow-toned RICH
Most alarming SCARIEST
No less than ALLOF
One using a cat-o'-nine-tails FLAYER
Pavement caution SLO
Percy ___, inventor of the microwave oven SPENCER
Popular fund-raising event CRAFTSHOW
Reduces gradually ERODES
Refuse CHAFF
River to the Ubangi UELE
Scandinavian god of fertility FREY
Scratched (out) EKED
Self-reliant AUTONOMIC
Shares CUTS
Sheraton Hotels owner ITT
Ship's hdg. NNE
Shoe sound CLOP
Skilled force CADRE
Small amount PINCH
Small part CAMEO
Small wound PRICK
Sore point? SCAB
Stay home, maybe PLAYHOOKY
Tasseled cap FEZ
To ___ (exactly) ATEE
Uncertain ROCKY
Versifiers BARDS
W.W. II British fighter plane HURRICANE
Watches MINDS
What a foul might result in ONESHOT
___ Bank WEST
___-shanter TAMO
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