How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 19 2019

'Ah, now I see' ohok
'All ___ are created equal' men
'Holy smokes!' wow
'Is that true about me?' doi
'Life is short -- eat ___ first' dessert
'No more for me' imset
'There will come ___ ...' aday
'Whatever you say' sure
A+ or B- grade
Attired like a movie vampire caped
Blustery bullying browbeating
Carrier of a steaming pot and cups teatray
Catchall abbr misc
Cats' catches rats
Collect amass
Conscious aware
Cordon ___ bleu
D.J.'s version of a song remix
Deadly snake cobra
Defense against a charge of public nudity? wewasrobed
Down a half step, say flat
Drunkards sots
Equine : horses :: ___ : sheep ovine
Fix up, as a building rehab
Goes back and forth quickly yoyos
Grouches crabs
Hankering yen
He loves, she loves, or it loves: Lat amat
Heaped piled
Heyday of taxis in Beijing? chinesecabage
Idolize adore
Insect-preserving resin amber
Is indebted to owes
Joins weds
Joint enjoyer toker
Lacking money impecunious
Lamb's mother ewe
Lawyers' org aba
Leave out omit
Like a shoppe, perhaps olde
Long, long time aeon
Lucrative South American crop coca
Many corp. hirees have them mbas
Marital abbr. that's rarely spelled out mrs
Midriff muscles, for short abs
Not new used
One who cheats on a weight-reduction plan? dietaryfibber
One who's taking a polar vortex pretty hard? coldsobber
Own up to avow
Painter of a maja both 'desnuda' and 'vestida' goya
Paper size: Abbr ltr
Part of a web address dot
Place for a baby lap
Player close to a linebacker end
Possibilities for escape outs
Producer of the Jacksons? atm
Prometheus or Epimetheus titan
Province between Man. and Que ont
Recline lie
Rock-___ (classic jukebox brand) ola
Second chance redo
See 38-Across tobe
See 38-Across ornot
Socially disengaged aloof
Some email attachments, for short pdfs
Something a rude person uses in a crowd elbow
Sounded like a crow cawed
Stereotypical cry into a canyon hello
Subtext of many an innuendo sex
Summon call
They might precede 'Well, we must be going' yawns
Too also
Turn from a book into a movie, say adapt
Unruly kid brat
Valuable rocks ores
With 39- and 40-Across, classic Shakespearean question phonetically suggested by 17-, 23-, 47- and 59-Across tobe
Wonder awe
Word after first or foreign aid
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