How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 19 2018

'Got it!,' beatnik-style idig
'Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi,' e.g plea
'It's a date!' wereon
'Star Wars' pilot hansolo
'Too rich for my blood' ifold
'You wish!' dreamon
'___ at the Bat' casey
ABC show on weekday mornings, with 'The' view
Absorbs soaksup
Actor Snipes of 'White Men Can't Jump' wesley
Approves oks
Aromas odors
Author Silverstein shel
Banquet meal
Bounding main sea
Bygone Ford make, briefly merc
Celebrated Chinese-born architect impei
City NW of Detroit flint
COOLIDGE + P = Narc's four-footed helper policedog
Dickens's Little ___ nell
Diving venues pools
Egoistic demand mefirst
Famous ___ cookies amos
FILLMORE + V = Movie buff filmlover
First half of a Senate vote ayes
GARFIELD + U = Beach V.I.P lifeguard
Gets ready to shoot aims
Gets thin on top balds
Grave robbers ghouls
HARDING + P = Squeezable exercise tool handgrip
Home for Nixon and Reagan: Abbr cal
Humdingers lulus
Hybrid picnic utensil spork
Lab eggs ova
Leader in a state roll call: Abbr ala
Lewis and ___ Expedition clark
Like atria skylit
Like racehorses' feet shod
Like the days of yore olden
MADISON + A = 'Me, too!' andsoami
Maples formerly married to Donald Trump marla
Milan opera house lascala
Mink or sable fur
Mortgage, e.g loan
Mysterious sighting in the Himalayas yeti
National Mall, for a presidential inauguration scene
Onetime Pontiac muscle cars gtos
Panache elan
Pathetic group sadlot
Philosophies isms
Pistol sound bang
Poetry competition slam
Political connections ins
President pro ___ tem
QB Manning eli
Queen of ___ (visitor of King Solomon, in the Bible) sheba
Query ask
River of Cologne rhine
Send covertly, as an email bcc
Separate, as whites from colors sort
Shakespearean cries ays
Six-foot bird emu
Skirt bottoms hems
Soccer blocker goalie
Some rulings on PolitiFact lies
Store sign on Presidents' Day sale
The slightest amount evenone
There's one to honor presidents every February holiday
Ticklish Muppet elmo
Two-year mark, in a presidential term halfway
Uncle Sam's land, for short usofa
What a majority of campaign spending goes toward ads
What hens do layeggs
Who asks 'What can I help you with?' on an iPhone siri
Wicked look evileye
With: Fr avec
Word after many presidents' names era
___ years (when presidents are elected) leap
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