How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 17 2014

'Darn it all!' RATS
'Fine by me' OKAY
'Incidentally,' in a text BTW
'La ___ Bonita' (1987 Madonna hit) ISLA
'Mona ___' LISA
'There, there ... stop crying' NOMORETEARS
'This is just ridiculous!' WHATAJOKE
'___ on your life!' NOT
1989 John Hughes movie starring John Candy UNCLEBUCK
1996 Mario Puzo novel, with 'The' LASTDON
35, as a minimum to be U.S. president AGE
Accepts punishment unflinchingly TAKESIT
And so on ETCETERA
Animal cavorting by a stream OTTER
Belgrade resident SERB
Best of the best, sportswise ALLSTARS
Biblical garden EDEN
Boxer Spinks and others LEONS
Bridge SPAN
Bruins' sch UCLA
Buy's opposite SELL
Calendar's scope YEAR
Captain's affirmative AYE
Concluding notations CODAS
Connection LINKAGE
Contains HAS
Dialogue unit LINE
Door fastener LATCH
Emergency call SOS
Frat party fixture KEG
Front tooth INCISOR
Fruit-flavored ice drinks SLUSHES
Gobbled up ATE
Heart of a computer, for short CPU
Huey, Dewey and Louie, to Donald NEPHEWS
It may be tipped as a sign of respect HAT
Jimmy Fallon's network NBC
Letter after ess TEE
Letters before an alias AKA
Like one's voice when one has a cold, maybe NASAL
Lone Ranger's sidekick TONTO
Looks of displeasure SCOWLS
Lose one's footing SLIP
Many a dreadlocks wearer, informally RASTA
Milk: Prefix LACTO
Mumbai residents INDIANS
Nascar race locale DAYTONA
Not cool UNHIP
Olympian, e.g ATHLETE
Once again ANEW
One-named soccer star PELE
Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson hit ... or a hint to the starts of 17-, 24-. 57- and 65-Across SAYSAYSAY
Poet ___ St. Vincent Millay EDNA
Printout taken to the airport, maybe ETICKET
Puppy's cry YIP
Ref. with about 22,000 pages OED
Remote button abbr VOL
Ruhr Valley city ESSEN
Sewing machine inventor Howe ELIAS
Slightly open AJAR
Smidgen TAD
Snack that leaves the fingers orange CHEESECURLS
Solemnly affirm SWEARTO
Spinks foe ALI
Sun Devils' sch ASU
Tater SPUD
The 'L' in 5-Across LOS
The 'm' in E = mc^2 MASS
Tight's opposite LOOSE
Took to the slopes SKIED
Train stop: Abbr STA
Troop grp BSA
Turkey's capital ANKARA
Vain person's problem EGO
Vice ___ VERSA
Volcanic debris ASH
With some speed ATATROT
___ port (computer feature) USB
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