How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 17 1998

'Dallas' ranch SOUTHFORK
'Hoobert Heever,' e.g. SPOONERISM
'Jeopardy!' host Trebek ALEX
19th-century literary inits. RLS
50's bandleader Perez ___ PRADO
A century after the Wright brothers' first flight MMIII
Adapt anew READJUST
Airline seating class ECONOMY
Alley score SPARE
Arizona territorial capital TUCSON
Asunción assent SISI
At any time, in poetry EER
Axis foes ALLIES
Bigot's emotion HATE
California Gov. Wilson PETE
Carte MENU
Catapult missile STONE
Cinema chain LOEWS
City south of Bartlesville TULSA
Cluttered MESSY
Corrida cheers OLES
Cross inscription INRI
Diving maneuver JACKKNIFE
Early screen star Power TYRONE
East European SLAV
Fielder's aid GLOVE
First name in gymnastics OLGA
Fountain servings COLAS
French landscape painter COROT
G.I. entertainers USO
Genesis son ENOS
Gravy Train competitor ALPO
Have ___ of tea ASPOT
Hearty draft QUAFF
Hodgepodge OLIO
Itsy-bitsy skirt MINI
Karate school DOJO
Kind of poll EXIT
Leg muscles, for short QUADS
Legal pleas, informally NOLOS
Like an old oak tree GNARLED
Matzohs lack it YEAST
Mideast carrier ELAL
Month after Shebat ADAR
Mr. T's TV show, with 'The' ATEAM
Muhammad and others ALIS
Off the mark ERRANT
One way to run AMOK
Open, as a barn door UNBOLT
Part of ABM ANTI
Physics units RADS
Play for the N.H.L. SKATE
Point after deuce, maybe ADIN
Pop star IDOL
Precalculator calculators ABACI
Reversed UNDID
Rostropovich's instrument CELLO
Samples TASTES
Site of St. Peter's ROME
South Seas getaway FIJI
St. Louis 11 RAMS
Star Wars, initially SDI
Start of North Carolina's motto ESSE
Swindle CON
Swindle SCAM
Teen hangout MALL
Thanksgiving bowlful YAMS
Theme of this puzzle SILVERWARE
Three of a kind? DREI
Umbrella AEGIS
Union letters AFL
Univ. instructors TAS
Zippo NADA
___ breve (2/2 time) ALLA
___ dire (legal process) VOIR
___ Lingus AER
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