How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 16 1997

'Frasier' character NILES
'My gal' SAL
'My Little Chickadee' star WARPEDCOMEDIANFIELDS
'Othello' courtesan BIANCA
'Surprised by Joy' autobiographer CHRISTIANSCHOLARLEWIS
'The Courtship of Miles Standish' character ALDEN
'___ deal!' ITSA
1994 A.L. home run king GRIFFEY
A substantial amount of Louisiana FEN
Abbr. in a help wanted ad EOE
Actor Holm IAN
Actor Stephen REA
Adlai's '56 running mate ESTES
Alibi ___ (liars, of a sort) IKES
An end to peace NIK
Application EFFORT
Argot CANT
Artillery shell component TNT
Atom BIT
Attached at the base, botanically SESSILE.
Authorize ENTITLE
Bandleader Paul SHAFFER
Beseech PRAYTO
Bill the Cat pronouncement, in the funnies ACK
Broodmare DAM
Buffalo wing? SABRE
Butts RAMS
Cardinal points? NESTS
Chiang ___-shek KAI
City area URB
Clio contender ADMAN
Cold war threat MXS
Comaneci achievements TENS
Computer offering MAINMENU
Congratulations, of a sort PAT
Count RELY
Drop acid? ETCH
Druggie USER
Early 80's sitcom FLO
Early empire builder INCA
Elvis Costello's 'My ___ True' AIMIS
Eponymous Belgian town SPA
First name in 1936 politics ALF
Furtive sort LURKER
G.I. entertainment USOSHOW
Garden tools EDGERS
General announcement? ATEASE
Getting around well SPRY
Goes around ROTATES
Got a flat boot? EVICTED
Grave marker STELA
Gray and Moran ERINS
Greek cafe TAVERNA
Had fare ATE
Ho-hum TV fare RERUN
Homes with domes IGLOOS
Indians with a sun dance UTES
Introductory material ABCS
It may be high in the afternoon TEA
It may be struck POSE
Italian city where Giotto painted PADOVA
Kernel GIST
Kind of comb RATTAIL
Kind of estimate LOWBALL
Kind of oil SESAME
Lake Volta's country GHANA
Laugh syllable HEE
Legal grounds for action JUSTCAUSE
Like a member of the U.S.N. ENL
Like socks in a drawer PAIRED
Like some apartments RELET
Lions' prey GNUS
Loss by decay WASTAGE
Lynette ___, first female Harlem Globetrotter WOODARD
Marcus and George ALLENS
Med. specialty GYN
Medieval weapon POLEAX
Metric weights TONNES
Modern information medium CDROM
Most likely winners SEEDS
Name in 1993 news KORESH
No longer stuck on OVER
Not be fast BLEED
Not the best service LET
Noted youth grp. BSA
Numbskull ASS
Palindromic English river EXE
Pin down SET
Poetic preposition ERE
Pokey STIR
Preceded LEDTO
Prepares for a rough ride STRAPSIN
Rat-___ ATAT
Recipe amt. TSP
Refuse TRASH
Roman mine MIO
Shanghai ABDUCT
Shrovetide dish BLINI
Silver treat HAY
Sober-minded STAID
Some government appropriations PORK
Some learning ROTE
Stagger REEL
Start of a classic Latin quote VENI
Strike location PLATE
Suffix with land or city SCAPE
The best IDEAL
The plus column ASSETS
The Thames borders it ESSEX
They don't want to fight DOVES
They're out in a game ODDMEN
Tiny amount AMITE
Tiny terror IMP
Tiny type size EMERALD
Took in, maybe ALTERED
Travel (about) GAD
Travels back and forth PLIES
Tricked GOT
Understanding TREATY
Understanding words ISEE
Unhitched? SINGLE
Vitamin C source ADE
Wasn't sociable SULKED
Where gelato was invented PALERMO
Word of reproach FIE
___ Mujeres, Mexico ISLA
___ Saud (former Mideast leader) IBN
___-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec STE
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