How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 15 2016

'Casablanca' woman ILSA
'Garfield' dog ODIE
'Othello' villain IAGO
'Peter Pan' girl WENDY
'___ well' (George Washington's last words) TIS
2-Down fixture DESK
A, in Arabic ALIF
Adam's madam EVE
Anti-trafficking org DEA
Baltimore's ___ McHenry FORT
Black, to a bard EBON
Blow a ___ (lose one's temper) GASKET
Blowgun ammunition DART
Breakfast alcove DINETTE
Cal ___, Dean's 'East of Eden' role TRASK
Canon camera brand EOS
Change over time EVOLVE
Chorus after 'Who wants ice cream?' IDOIDO
Chuck TOSS
Clear (of) RID
Coif creator STYLIST
Comic strip cry of dismay ACK
Composure POISE
Contradicted BELIED
Cut with a knife SLIT
Daniel who wrote 'Robinson Crusoe' DEFOE
Doesn't just throw away REUSES
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
End of one's rope? KNOT
Enter gradually EASEIN
Excess spending by Congress PORK
Famous London department store HARRODS
Float, as an aroma WAFT
For all time EVER
Former late-night host Jay LENO
Gen ___ (boomer's child) XER
Gossipy types YENTAS
Grinding teeth MOLARS
Home for G. W. Bush TEX
Horse color ROAN
Jeweler's magnifying glass LOUPE
Job for a sleuth CASE
Legal wrong TORT
Letters between O and S PQR
Liberals, with 'the' LEFT
Like a magician's hands DEFT
Like sneakers and corsets LACED
Microwave, e.g OVEN
Mini-pie TART
Mom and dad PARENTS
New York's Washington Square ___ PARK
Nominates PICKS
Off-limits TABOO
Opposite of work PLAY
Participant at a presidential press conference, say QUESTIONER
Prefix with dynamic AERO
President after Nixon FORD
President after Roosevelt TAFT
President after Tyler POLK
President's option for an unwanted bill POCKETVETO
President's workplace OVALOFFICE
President-elect, e.g TITLE
Quantities: Abbr AMTS
Quitter's words ICANT
Roman road ITER
Senator or representative LEGISLATOR
Shoemaker's tool AWL
Slanted ATILT
St. ___ (dog) BERNARD
Stealing THEFT
Swamp critters GATORS
Swear to AVOW
Swings wildly FLAILS
Takes to a higher court APPEALS
Terrier type SKYE
Touched in the head DAFT
Used a rotary phone DIALED
Yes, to Yves OUI
Young deer FAWNS
Zorro's weapon SWORD
___ horse (surprise candidate) DARK
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