How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 15 2012

'Apollo and Daphne' sculptor BERNINI
'Care to?' WANNA
'Hurry up!' TODAY
'Peanuts' expletive RATS
'Poison' shrub SUMAC
'Way cool!' NEAT
Aligns, briefly SYNCS
All tangled up INASNARL
Apartment 1A resident, perhaps SUPER
Beehive State player UTE
Botanist's concern FLORA
Bruins legend ORR
Capping ATOP
Chariot race site ARENA
Choir accompaniment ORGAN
Climber's goal ACME
Dangerous place LIONSDEN
Essen expletives ACHS
Gen ___ XER
Geoffrey of fashion BEENE
Gym count REPS
H.S. supporters PTAS
Herr Schindler with a list OSKAR
High degree PHD
Infrequently seen bills TWOS
Kind of well ARTESIAN
Leaves a 0% tip STIFFS
Like a blue lobster RARE
Liqueur served with coffee beans ANISETTE
Manufacturers MAKERS
Massenet opera THAIS
Memo subject header INRE
Mother of Apollo LETO
Musician/record producer Bobby ELI
Mythological figure being kissed in a statue at the Louvre PSYCHE
New England's Cape ___ ANN
Ninth-inning excitement, maybe RALLY
OH- or Cl-, chemically ANION
Old geezer COOT
One of the Munsters EDDIE
Parliament DIET
Pewter component TIN
Place for an electronic tether ANKLE
Place to see a flick? ASHTRAY
Poetic preposition ERE
Polynesian wrap SARONG
Possible reason for [see circled letters] NEEDINGEXERCISE
Possible reason for [see circled letters] BROKENELEVATORS
Producer of the 2600 game console ATARI
Reactor-overseeing org NRC
Research aids GRANTS
Robert De ___ NIRO
Rope material HEMP
Salinger title girl ESME
School attended by King's Scholars ETON
Scottish Gaelic ERSE
Son of Seth ENOS
Spark producer FLINT
Start of some carrier names AERO
Stationery shade ECRU
Stereotypical K.P. item TATER
Study of government CIVICS
Suffers from HAS
Suffix in many store names MART
They may be kept on you TABS
Three-way joint TEE
Tide competitor ERA
Truck rental company RYDER
Verb with 'vous' ETES
Was out SLEPT
Where there are 'bombs bursting,' to an anthem singer INAIR
Zoo sound ROAR
[So boring!] SNORE
___ fides (bad faith) MALA
___ fool (be silly) ACTA
___ Marino SAN
___ U.S.A TEAM
___ water INHOT
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